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How much should a girl weigh?

How much should a girl weigh?This question is often asked by the "fine half" of young people. So the thinking of a young girl works, that she is constantly unhappy, both her appearance and her own weight. Indeed, studies have shown that it is extremely difficult to find a girl who would be satisfied with these two parameters.

It is the decision of questions about how much the girl should weigh, and what ideal weight for the girls, this article will be devoted to.

First, let's turn to Mother Nature.After all, it is she who gives the girl those proportions that "pursue" her in life, namely: a certain weight, height, hair color, eyes. And before you change anything in your appearance, it may be worth considering, and whether it is necessary?

And yet, for those who constantly think about what is happening,how much the girl should weigh, and that the basis of the ideal figure is not a natural weight, but a certain norm, there is a need for presenting various formulas that will make it possible to calculate the ideal weight.

1st method. The generally accepted formula for calculating:the growth of the girl minus a fixed number of 110. In this formula, there is one drawback - the age of a person is not taken into account. The above formula can be applied without correction for the female half of humanity in the age interval from 40 to 50 years. However, for girls, the difference must be adjusted by 10%. For example, with the growth of a girl of 1.63 m, the ideal weight is (163-110) * 0.9 = 48 kg.

2nd method. According to the formula of American scientists, the ideal weight is calculated: from the growth data, 150 is subtracted, the result is multiplied by 0.75 and the result is added to 50.

For example, with an increase of 1.63 m, the ideal weight for a girl is - (163-150) * 0.75 + 50 = 60 kg.

3rd method. The formula used in this calculation is named after Lorentz. The ideal weight is equal to the difference between the growth, reduced by 100, and multiplying the coefficient by 0.25 for the growth difference and a constant value of 150.

Example. If the girl's height is 1.63 m, then the ideal weight - (163-100) - 0.25 * (163-150) = 60 kg.

4-th way. For this method, determining the ideal weightis carried out according to Cutle's formula, according to which the index is calculated by dividing the weight of a person in kilograms by the height in a square. Normal weight is considered if the index is in the range of 18 to 25, if above 25 - excess, and below 18 - the girl has a fairly low body weight.

For example, with the growth of a girl of 1.63 m and a weight of 60 kgthe body mass index is 60 / (1.63 * 1.63) = 22.58. Since the value of the indicator is in the range, we can conclude that the weight of the girl is normal.

Using this index, you can calculateboundary weight norms for any girl. To determine the lower bound, 18 is multiplied by the squared height, calculated in meters, and to calculate the upper bound 25 is also multiplied by the squared height.

For example, with a girl's height of 1.63 m, the lower limit of mass is 18 * 1.63 * 1.63 = 48 kg, and the upper limit is 25 * 1.63 * 1.63 = 66 kg.

5 th way. In calculating the ideal weight by this formulaAnother additional parameter is used - the volume of the breast. Example. If the girl's height is 1.63 m, and the breast volume is 90 cm, then the ideal weight parameter should be 163 * 90/240 = 61 kg.

6th way shows how much the girl should weigh, andIt is represented by a rather simple formula, proposed a long time ago by a doctor from France Paul Bock. From the height expressed in centimeters, 100 is subtracted and we get the ideal weight. One of the drawbacks of this formula is the lack of consideration for such individual differences of girls as long legs, athletic physique or wide bones. To remedy this, a BMI was created. This index is calculated by dividing the weight by the height of the square. For example, with the growth of a girl of 1.63 m and a weight of 60 kg, the index is 23.58. The ideal indicator is in the range: 19-24.

To solve the problematic question of how much the model should weigh, every girl striving for ideal parameters must choose for herself the appropriate method of calculation.


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