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Possible diameters of pipes and their installation

Among all the characteristics of the pipeline systemone of the most important indicators is the diameter of the pipes. It is this indicator that determines the choice of a certain product sample when installing the system. Also, under the geometric dimension of a section, we can mean parameters that we will consider below:

pipe diameters
pipe diameters

  1. Internal diameters. This indicator is the main geometric characteristic. In order to fasten the pipes to each other, it is necessary to know also the internal diameters of the fittings.
  2. Outer pipe diameters. This value is measured in millimeters and is indicated in special documents. Are divided into nominal and conditional diameters.

An important indicator for pipes made of polyethylene,polyvinyl chloride or polypropylene can be considered to be the outer diameter. However, in many countries, internal diameters of plastic pipes are also taken into account.

pipe diameters in inches

In order to install a pipeline systemhas become more convenient, using standard diameters, which allow you to select a specific product sample, based on approved standards. In these standards there is a list of those quantities that pipes should have when installing the system.

Diameters of plastic pipes

But during the manufacture of products manufacturerscan tolerate small deviations from the nominal values. Such deviations usually do not exceed one millimeter. In order to avoid a breakdown after installation of the pipeline system, pipes from one manufacturer should be purchased. Only in this case docking of pipes with each other will be more dense and accurate.

To select pipe diameters,Use the standard calculation method, with which the optimal cross-section will be selected. It should be understood that the cross section provides the required throughput. It is from this indicator will depend on the functioning of the system as a whole.

In order to create such systems aswater supply, sewerage, air conditioning and gas supply in country houses, it is possible to use a combination of pipes with different cross-sections. Such pipes can easily be connected to each other with the help of modern fittings, which will provide the necessary reliability and tightness. The pipe diameters in inches in this situation should not be less than 6.3.

It is possible to use pipes with largediameter. Usually the geometrical size of pipes in such situations reaches 1200 millimeters. Pipes with a large diameter are used when installing sewage systems or for drainage systems. This is due to the fact that there is no need to maintain pressure in this case. Polypropylene pipes, which are used for the installation of gas pipeline systems, can have a diameter of up to 2400 millimeters. Products whose pipe diameters reach similar dimensions are used in cases of installation of urban communication systems. But there are also situations when such pipes are purchased for the creation of private projects. In this case, selection, measurement and installation are carried out strictly on an individual basis, and it is very important to maintain constant contact between the customer and the contractor.


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