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Old Nokia models: the legends of our time

It is unlikely that today there will be a person who neverI would not have heard of Nokia. The brand has been around for decades. He managed to survive ups and downs. Mobile phones Nokia have cultivated around themselves a kind of cult that has spread all over the world. Unfortunately, very dangerous competitors came to the market, which Nokia could not resist because of its conservatism.

The world was shown the iPhone, and after it startedstamped devices running Android. Not having time to react in time, the company first sold to Microsoft, and then completely "died." Despite this, many people still believe that Finns' phones are the best of their kind and continue to feed them special warm feelings. In order to warm up the nostalgia and recall that it was one of the most successful companies of our time, this list was compiled, which included old Nokia models that became legends of their time.

old nokia models

Nokia 3210 - the first swallow

This model was released in 1999.The device could not boast of rich technical equipment, but a powerful advertising campaign and accessibility did their job. It was one of the first devices, the antenna of which was hidden inside the case. Later on such a pattern all devices were made. Also in the phone were already the main artifacts from the past: the game "Snake" and the tool for automatic correction of text T9.

Nokia old models

Nokia 3220 - the continuation of the famous line

The old Nokia models were mostlyaimed at the young audience. The model code 3220 had very decent characteristics for that time. The phone was equipped with a built-in radio receiver, an infrared port for information exchange. Also there were removable panels in order to diversify the look of the phone and the style of its owner.

Nokia old phone models

Nokia N-Gage - whether the phone, whether the game console

The year 2003 has come.At that time, experiments began with Nokia. Old phone models of the company are often impressed by unusual forms. For example, N-Gage is a mixture of the phone and the game console. You could play through Bluetooth. The phone was made in the image and likeness of joysticks, which turned out to be quite inconvenient for the phone. N-Gage was not too interesting as a prefix, as the portable consoles of that time were much more productive and could boast the presence of exclusive interesting games. As a result, the phone was lousy, and it was impossible to play on it in something colorful and creative.

old nokia models

Nokia 7280 - phone-"tube"

One of the most ambiguous form factors,ever existed in the mobile phone industry. Many are still wondering: how were these old Nokia models managed? In fact, everything is quite simple. All control was carried out with the help of a wheel and a selection button (at that time there was no Siri). This model was created as a device for the weaker sex - it was the girls who were to become the target audience. The phone more played the role of a design element of the image, rather than the means of communication.

nokia old models

Nokia 7600 - for connoisseurs of style

Another example of "crazy" Nokia, the oldwhose models were often made to be surprised and even indignant. This device was released in 2003 as part of the Nokia Fashion Series campaign, as well as the Tube model. True, it should have been perceived as an art object. Unlike the model 7280, the phone was equipped with a keyboard, which, by the way, did not greatly simplify the work with the device. All because all the keys were located around the display (you could enter text only with two hands).

nokia old phone models

Nokia 7370, 7380, 7390 - refined, graceful

Older Nokia models were often produced as a wholeseries. Specifically, this gadget became one of the brothers (the other two - 7380 and 7390). The first device had a slider form factor, but was nominated in an unusual way (it was rotated 180 degrees in a circular motion). The second one was similar to the first one, but did not have a keyboard (instead of it a wheel was used). The third one had two displays, which at that time was really impressive.


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