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Machine for any or low-cost foreign cars

In the modern world, you can buy almost anycar, but not everyone can afford a car with "bells and whistles". Therefore inexpensive foreign cars, as before, are in demand among the population of Russia. Of course, much depends on the requirements that are put forward by the buyer to the quality of the machine. In Russia, you can buy inexpensive new foreign cars worth not more than 400 thousand rubles. These include: Renault Logan, Chevrolet Lanous, Kia Picanto and others.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular models.

Daewoo Matiz. On average, the price in the minimum configuration is about 187 thousand rubles.

Inexpensive foreign cars
Inexpensive foreign cars of this brand are the mostpopular in its class. Its advantages include compact dimensions, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance. The disadvantages include lack of treatment with anti-gras, lack of fenders. In Russia, the model is presented in four versions: basic, improved, with a four-speed automatic transmission, with a maximum configuration and silver bumpers. When buying Daewoo Matiz (low cost) will have to pay extra for the spare, stereo, glass heating, central locking and caps.

ZAZ Chance. Inexpensive foreign cars of this model will cost an average of 250 thousand

The most inexpensive foreign cars
subject to the availability of only a basicbundling. In the near past this car was delivered to Russia under the sign of Chevrolet. The main features: engine for 1.3 liters, power - 70 horsepower. The main advantages are comfort seats, ergonomic characteristics. On the negative side, the machine is characterized by the features of the gear shift (the head is required to include the first and third). To fully equip it, additional funds are required.

Renault Logan suitable for those who choose inexpensive foreign carsclass B. The price policy starts from 339 000 rubles. In the Russian car dealership the car is offered in three trim levels: with an immobilizer and an airbag for the driver; with the presence of power steering, central lock and bumper, made in the color of the body; with a central lock, controlled with remote control, the presence of rear headrests, electric glass and fog lamps. On the plus side are a spacious lounge, ample roomy trunk. By cons: the rear sofa does not decompose, after a certain time, rust appears, indistinct inclusion of the first and the rear gear.

Chery QQ6. The price starts from 267 thousand rubles. Choosing the most inexpensive

Inexpensive new foreign cars
foreign cars, sometimes preferences of buyersare given to this Chinese machine. It is well-packed, even in a minimized configuration: two airbags, ABS, air conditioning, fog lights and on-board computerized system, alloy wheels and glass heating, central locking and even alarm. The engine has a volume of 1.1 liters, power - 68 hp. To obvious disadvantages is the presence of gray plastic in the cabin, substandard pads, switching gearbox hard, clutch cables periodically tear.

The most budgetary new foreign cars,described above, of course, have their own characteristics, so choose a car based on its priorities. However, before making a choice, it is worth familiarizing with the opinions of the owners of the preferred foreign car.


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