/ Why are electronic cigarettes dangerous to health?

Why are electronic cigarettes dangerous to health?

The electronic analogue of tobacco cigarettes is advertised all over the world as a means,

electronic cigarettes are dangerous to health
thanks to which a person can easilyto give up a bad habit. On the one hand, it seems that the idea is good - the smoker does not irritate the harmful smoke of people in public places, preserves the freshness of breathing and clothing, does not poison his body with resins, etc. But few people know that electronic cigarettes are dangerous to health.

The principle of the operation of electronic cigarettes

When a person starts sucking in air,the thrust sensor is activated and the steam generator starts to feed. The cartridge, filled with flavored liquid for cigarettes, converts it into steam, and an indicator that mimics the smoldering of the charcoal lights up. This liquid contains nicotine, by the number of which the cigarettes are divided into four types:

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  • high content;
  • medium content
  • low content;
  • non-nicotine.

Flavored dressing can also have a variety of smells, for example, apple, menthol, chocolate, coffee and others.

Than electronic cigarettes are dangerous to health?

Newfangled trends in the introduction of high technology into the everyday life of people have not ignored the cigarette business. Smokers of all countries, zombie marketing and

smoking electronic cigarettes
advertising, began to switch to electronic analogues of tobacco smoking from the desire to get rid of the addiction or reduce the harm caused by the dependence on smoking tobacco.

Scientists from the University of Athens in Greece heldstudies that have confirmed that electronic cigarettes are not as harmless to health as they seem. Experiments conducted on volunteers revealed that smoking electronic cigarettes within 10 minutes causes disturbances in the airways. After the allotted time, specialists measured lung function parameters. All participants had increased respiratory tract resistance, which significantly increased the risk of developing or progressing to a disease such as asthma. Components included in the liquid for filling the tank are harmful to the human body using electronic cigarettes. Reviews of scientists confirm that they can be extremely harmful to health. In addition, enterprising intruders create a kind of smoking mixtures, the composition of which is toxic. Electronic cigarettes are as dangerous to health as ordinary tobacco.

Habit or addiction?

Many people mistakenly believe that they smoke simplyout of habit. It's a delusion. Smoking is an addiction that can be got rid of only if you stop getting nicotine (in any form) into the body. Therefore, replacing cigarettes with patches, chewing gum, or electronic analogs is a senseless waste of money. In addition, as mentioned above, electronic cigarettes are dangerous to health, especially "self-made cigarettes." Dependence makes a person feel an irresistible desire to smoke, because the body requires a whole new dose of nicotine. There are many painless ways to quit smoking, so go around the counter with new-fashioned electronic devices.


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