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Immunomodulating preparation for animals "Fosprenil": instructions for use

fosprenil instructions for use
The drug "Fosprenil" instructions for userepresents as an antiviral agent with pronounced immunomodulatory characteristics. The intake of this drug at times amplifies the so-called humoral immune response of the animal's organism to vaccines and stimulates such indicators of natural resistance as phagocytosis and bactericidal activity of plasma serum. As a result of these processes, resistance to all sorts of infections increases significantly. In addition, the drug "Fosprenil" activates the metabolism in the cells and thus increases the weight gain while reducing feed costs. In this case, the use of the drug in the doses recommended by the manufacturer does not have any embryotoxic, locally irritating, carcinogenic, teratogenic or allergenic effects. The greatest antiviral activity this immunomodulatory drug possesses against herpesviruses, paramyxoviruses, togaviruses, coronaviruses and orthomixoviruses.

fosprenil for animals
The product "Fosprenil" (instruction onapplication is mandatory in each package) in the form of a slightly opalescent or clear solution for injection, which can have a slight yellowish tinge. In the composition of this antiviral drug as an active element is a substance such as the disodium salt of phosphate polyprenols. Additional ingredients are ethanol, purified water, tween-80 and glycerol. Packed this product, usually on glass bottles with a volume of ten or fifty milliliters with rubber stoppers.

Use immunomodulatory medication"Fosprenil" instructions for use recommend, for example, to stimulate non-specific resistance of poultry, domestic and farm animals. To treat or prevent various viral diseases in cats, dogs, pigs, calves and other animals, this antiviral drug is also excellent. For example, it can be administered to animals with infectious peritonitis, infectious hepatitis, panleukopenia, or enteritis. Adenovirus of dogs and carnivore plague are also the reasons for the appointment of the immunomodulating agent "Fosprenil". Instructions for use advise to use it and with rhinotracheitis cats.

phosphprenyl preparation
Prescribe this antiviral inThe first stage is strictly forbidden to animals that have an allergic reaction to the active ingredient contained in its composition. In addition, it can not be categorically used in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs of the steroid type. For example, you can not prescribe an immunomodulating drug "Fosprenil" for animals that are taking a course of therapy with glucocorticoid hormones.

As for undesirable reactions and possibleside effects, the appearance of which can be caused by the use of this medication, it is possible to allocate a rather high risk of temperature increase by several degrees, as well as changes in the frequency of cardiac contractions. In addition, in some animals during the first two days of use there may be a slight lethargy.


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