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Why do rashes appear on the face of a baby?

Eruptions on the face of the baby - a common causeanxiety of young mothers. Sometimes newborns have small red spots, concentrated on the face and upper body. This phenomenon is observed in most babies at the age of about three weeks.

Eruptions on the face of the baby
The main reason whya rash on the face of a baby, is the excretion of hormones that hit the baby's body even during pregnancy. During this period the child's organism receives complete independence and autonomy. This process is accompanied by hormonal bursts, which provoke the appearance of a rash. If the reason is really this, then the rash on the face of the baby should go through on its own in three weeks. At the same time, it makes no sense to torture a young mother with diets, as many people advise taking such a rash for diathesis. With any mother's nutrition, she must go to a month and a half. Another very important aspect is accuracy. Eruptions on the face of the baby can not be cleaned with swabs, because as a result, infection can spread to the wound and spread throughout the body. It's very dangerous for a baby.

With regard to the relationship between mother's nutrition andallergic manifestations on the body of the child, many still have a preconceived opinion. In fact, the state of the child is more affected by the microclimate in the room where the baby is kept. His skin is very vulnerable and sensitive to external influences. The rash on the face of the baby can appear as a result of contact with irritating objects, such as children's cosmetics, powders and rinsers for linen, cosmetics for adults. It is necessary to identify and remove from the child such irritants.

Breast milk causes allergies much less often than mixtures.

Rash on the face of the baby
They contain 20% of the substances that arepotential allergens. The immune system of a newborn is far from perfect. In the immature form it is formed only to six months. Until that age, breastmilk is necessary for the child as the main protection against diseases and allergies. Thanks to milk, the baby is reliably protected from the harmful effects of external factors.

If all the potentially hazardous factors are alreadyare excluded, but the rash on the face of the baby does not go away, then, probably, it's still in the mother's diet. First of all, pay attention to the protein of cow's milk.

Rash in the newborn on the face

For newborns, this is a very strong allergen, even if only the mother uses it. It is better to exclude it from the diet if the child has signs of a rash.

On the second place on the harmfulness for the child arenutritional supplements. Fillers, dyes, preservatives - all this can cause a rash in newborns on the face. Vitamin complexes, fluoride, iron and various phytopreparations can also provoke allergy.
Do not abuse fruits and vegetables withred skin. Cherries and tomatoes, as well as citrus fruits, can lead to the appearance of a rash on the face of the child. But red apples are completely safe, especially if you consume them without skin. Allergy to rice, buckwheat and corn is also possible.


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