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Causes, symptoms and treatment of compression fracture of the spine

Many people who go in for sports orwere injured, the question of what a compression fracture of the spine is. It appears as a result of a strong and sharp physical load, not a very successful fall, stroke or strong sudden compression of the spinal column. However, it does not break completely. Most often, these phenomena can occur in the lumbar and thoracic area.

treatment of compression fracture of the spine
Treatment of compression fracture of the spinedepends on what causes it caused. The fact is that this condition can arise due to diseases of the bone system, as well as due to metastases in malignant diseases. In this case, the fracture is very easy and fast. And some patients do not even suspect about this state for quite a long time, writing off everything for pain in the back from fatigue.

Before starting treatment of compressionfracture of the spine, it is necessary to determine the symptoms of the disease. First of all, about this condition can speak sharp painful sensations, which can be felt even in the extremities. Often signs of fracture can be numbness of the hands or feet and weakness in the muscles.

what is compression fracture of the spine
Treatment of compression fracture of the spineappointed only after a thorough examination of the patient. First of all, an external examination, radiography, computed tomography, and MRI are carried out. There is also an analysis that allows to determine the presence of osteoporosis of bones.

Compression fracture of the thoracic regionThe spine can be called quite complex, and it contains many dangers. Therefore, it is necessary to urgently limit the mobility of the person injured, as well as to stop the pain syndrome with the help of medications. Naturally, the affected section of the spine is fixed by means of special corsets. In some cases, doctors can prescribe surgery.

In order to cure this problem,It takes about 90 days, although more complex cases are treated much longer. In this case, a monthly radiological examination of the condition of the damaged department is carried out.

compression fracture of the thoracic spine
Treatment of compression fracture of the spineprovides bed rest and limited mobility. Because of this, he can quickly grow together. It is desirable to carry out any advice of doctors very responsibly. Of modern methods of treatment should be called vertebroplasty (the introduction of special healing cement in the damaged vertebra) and kyphoplasty (restoration of normal height of the spine).

If the fracture presented does not differstability, then in order to prevent neurological complications it will be necessary to resort to surgery. The procedure involves the gradual decompression of the elements of the body of the spinal column.

The damage is mandatorytreat, because in another case you can get complications that are difficult to eliminate, right up to the paralysis of the body. In addition, permanent deformation of the spinal column is possible.


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