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Pipes for water pipes - from metal pipes to plastic pipes, and back

Pipes for water supply - the most maintainedlife support system for human habitation. Used from the distant past, steel or cast iron pipes are not resistant to corrosion and require frequent replacements. The use of polymers as a material for pipes led to an increase in the life of water pipes to 40 years.

Modern polymer materials for pipesare endowed with exceptional performance properties. Can operate at high pressures up to 30 atmospheres, high temperatures - up to +90 degrees, be used for outdoor water supply, and stand for direct solar radiation. Polyethylene pipes do not lose shape and performance when freezing. Disadvantage for polypropylene and polyethylene products is a significant coefficient of linear expansion. Advantage - low heat dissipation.

pipes for water supply

Plastic pipes - inexpensive, reliable and very quickly mounted material.

Plastic pipes for water supply are installed incold, hot water, and heating systems. When choosing pipes to replace or install a new water pipe, you need to find out their operational characteristics and the conditions in which they will be used. If for cold water supply it is enough for you to find out the pressure held by the pipe (in atmospheres), then it is required for heating pipes to know in which maximum temperature regime they can work for a long time. The connecting elements are the so-called "fittings". The diameter of the pipe for domestic water is optimal in 3/4 inches.

plastic pipes for water supply

Plastic pipes for water supply are installedin three ways. PVC pipes are connected by a "cold welding" method, the special solution softens the walls of the connected elements, which, cooling down, create a solid construction. A special soldering iron warms the inner walls of the polypropylene pipe, and the fittings are connected, after cooling the structure is ready for operation. Polyethylene and metal-plastic pipes are connected by crimping, when the fitting is put on the pipe, and with the aid of the mounting tool, the required connection density is achieved. The advantage of polymer water pipes is the possibility of self-installation, many men will be able to assemble a designer - a plastic water pipe.

Copper water pipe - is used for centuries.

copper pipes for water supply

Copper pipes for water supply are resistant to erosion,can withstand temperature changes from -200 to +250 degrees Celsius, there is practically no linear expansion, they inhibit harmful microorganisms. Can be operated in systems with high pressure up to 50 atmospheres. High heat transfer makes it possible to use in heating systems and necessarily in hot and cold water supply. The price of materials and works is very high.

In the construction market there are plastic pipes,They can satisfy the requirements for operation in any conditions, from closed rooms to open space. Choosing pipes for water, you can stop at those that satisfy your needs.


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