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The most common diseases of cats

Like humans, pets can suffer froma large number of diseases, trapping them on the path of life. Moreover, many of them are similar to human diseases. Nobody is immune from diseases, so a timely visit to the veterinarian for preventive and curative purposes will prolong the life of your pet.

There is a huge number of diseases, thereforeto cover them all in one article is not possible. Let's talk about the most common diseases of cats. This will help you to better navigate the changes from the health and behavior of your pets.

All organs of cats, both external and internal,can be exposed to diseases. Just like in humans, diseases of cats can be acute or chronic. First of all, these are skin diseases and external parasites. The representatives of felines also have diseases associated with respiratory organs (including viral).

Very dangerous diseases of cats are related tothe digestive system. Paying attention to the behavior of the animal, you can quickly detect the first signs of damage to the organs of the digestive tract. These include: refusal to eat, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Immediately contact the veterinarian if you notice one of these symptoms in your cat.

In the intestine of the animal helminths can be established,and they, in turn, can affect your digestive system. Pay attention to the fecal sediments. In case of discoloration or appearance of foreign objects, send them for examination to the veterinary laboratory. A competent professional will determine the presence of a certain parasite and help you choose the right medicines.

Difficult to diagnose lesionsgenitourinary system, and their danger lies in the fact that they lead the body to self-poisoning. Older cats often have stones in the bladder, which makes urination difficult. In addition, it is very painful and leads to the suffering of the animal.

Often there are lesions of the eye, a signwhich are purulent discharge. It is not necessary to independently treat the eyes of the animal, this can lead to blindness. To diseases of the ears are: ear scabies, ulcers, otites. Ears can swell in case of abscess or when foreign objects enter into them.

Do not avoid pets and tumors.Cats are known for two types: benign and malignant neoplasms. The causes of their occurrence, both in cats and in humans, are still unknown. Benign formations often develop gradually, are located in one place and are easy to remove. Malignant tumors in cats develop rapidly and are characterized by the development of metastases. In this case, the animal can not practically be rescued, although at present even chemotherapy is carried out by the animals.

There is another oncological disease -it is breast cancer in cats. As in the case of other neoplasms, the cause of the occurrence is not known. A pet, sterilized before the appearance of the first estrus, is most often not affected by this disease. Unlike other domestic animals, breast cancer in cats develops much less often. But, if a cat is diagnosed with a breast tumor, in most cases it is cancer.

Salivation, unpleasant odor, difficultswallowing can be a consequence of diseases of the oral cavity. With the disease of the nose, the owner rarely encounters. A cat is a creature that is easily excitable and vulnerable. Watch for the health of the nervous system of the pet. The most common disorders of the nervous system and diseases associated with it are meningitis, hysteria, convulsions and a nervous crisis.

Remember, cat diseases are easier to prevent than cure. Take care of our lesser brothers. Take care of their health, and they will give you their love.


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