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Thinking about what brand of refrigerator is better to buy ...

The question of which brand of refrigerator is betterbuy, quite relevant and is not solved immediately, as it seems at first glance. This is a very responsible choice, because this item is purchased for a long time. Then how to choose a refrigerator for the house? In this article, we will try to answer in detail the question posed.

what brand of refrigerator is best to buy

Everything depends on financial possibilities

When deciding which refrigerator to choose, youYou can stop at such world brands as AEG and GORENJE. However, not all have the finances necessary to purchase this product of the above brands. How then can you be the one who can not afford an expensive purchase? What brand of refrigerator should I buy?

The solution is

Currently, the market is rich in varietymodels. There are also inexpensive, the price of which reaches $ 500. To such "not particularly frustrating" refrigerators are models of the following brands: SAMSUNG, NORD, ATLANT, LG, INDESIT and SNAIGE. Among the list of NORD - is, perhaps, at its price the cheapest. However, if you do not mind throwing several hundred dollars to the wind, then please purchase the products of this company. The fact is that practically in all devices of this manufacturer there is a system clogged with a low-quality hermetic material, as well as an incompletely working thermostat. Cheapness is, most likely, the only plus of NORD refrigerators.

To answer the question, what brand of refrigerator is better to buy, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of other brands.

how to choose a refrigerator for your home


Products of these firms are similar in their pricerange and even according to some criteria. Consumers note that they are reliable enough. The only thing that is alarming is the heating of the side panels. They are sometimes too hot. In fact, this should not frighten buyers. This phenomenon is normal, since the rear wall, in the place of which the radiator is usually located, is closed with a galvanized panel. Thus, heat is simply diverted through the same side walls. Thus, the product in question marks SAMSUNG and LG leaves a good impression.


This company is Belarusian, and the refrigerators it produces are commendable. The assembly and reliability of these devices at altitude. The only thing that buyers do not approve of is design.


Nothing special, frankly, refrigerationequipment of this brand does not possess, except for German strict design. In general, for the same money you can buy and LG, and SAMSUNG, and not the cheapest option of these manufacturers.

choosing a refrigerator


This is probably the best choice.Just because the ratio of "price - quality" refrigerators of this brand exceed their competitors. Budget models have a simple design, which is the only and, it seems, not such a fundamental disadvantage. Three years of full warranty, a small price, as well as low power consumption and a very quiet compressor - all this can "fit" in one model of this manufacturer! When deciding on which brand of refrigerator to buy, think about the options that this firm offers. Most likely, you will not regret.


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