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How to determine the evil eye by yourself?

First you need to understand its nature andthe origin, and only after that go to how to determine the evil eye yourself. The evil eye is a negative, negative influence aimed at a particular person at the energy level, i.e. this is a strong wish for harm, coming from someone, transmitted non-verbally, ie, mentally, directed by facial expressions, gaze, gestures or, in other words, certain programming aimed at harming the good health, prosperity or successful career of a particular person. It leads to its imposition of envy, vindictiveness, greed and selfishness, because now in the world and in the relationships between people there is a lot of hatred, anger, greed, and therefore the actual answer to the question: how to determine the evil eye.

Distinguish the conscious evil eye and the unconscious.

Without knowing that any of us can jinx ithimself or one of his relatives, relatives or acquaintances. Most often the unconscious evil eye is laid on the people around by carefree people, because they do not control their words, thoughts and those who do not know the power of words. A mother can praise her beloved, adored child before the illness, or the girl to take care of herself in front of the mirror so that she becomes not happy with herself or attracts various ailments. You can be flattened at a time when you demonstrate your knowledge or acquisitions to others, etc. Himself the evil eye how to determine? It is quite simply determined by the behavior and well-being of the smoothed, because it unexpectedly acquires something that is not characteristic of it, as a rule, has a negative color.

A conscious evil eye, as a rule, is applied by peopleconsciously and purposefully on a specific person. Imposing it consciously can those of us who have certain abilities to influence their negative energy on others.

Many people ask the question: how can you determine the evil eye yourself?

Determine whether the evil eye can be yourself without resorting toto help mages or healers, for the following symptoms: sudden irritability, lethargy, apathy, laziness, indifference to life, persistent bad luck or, not typical for you, drowsiness, sudden weakness, headaches, frequent colds, etc. Nothing in our life with us does not happen by accident, so we need to look for the cause of what is happening.

Let's consider some variants how to define a malefice independently?

Determine whether the evil eye can be used with a glassstanding water and a fresh chicken egg. Ask to help you from someone close or relatives, and sitting down on a chair, put a glass, filled to half with water, on your head. The one who helps you should accurately break the eggshell over the glass so as not to damage the yolk, and let it drain into the glass. After sitting for a few minutes with such a glass on your head, you need to carefully take it off and examine the contents. The evil eye on you is not only if the egg yolk is quietly at the bottom of your glass. The probability of the evil eye increases when the shape or color of the egg changes, with thin threads stretching to the surface.

Simple coal is able to help us determine there iswhether the evil eye. It is enough to throw 3 coals into the water and look at their behavior. Drowning embers say that you have a hex on you. Flaming on the surface of the coal show that there is no cause for concern.

Another way:determine the evil will help 3 candles from the temple, lit before going to bed with the prayer of the Theotokos. Do not forget to cross yourself 3 times at the end of reading the prayer. Observe the candles, because strongly smoky, hissing or suddenly extinct candles are a signal about your evil eye, or maybe worse.

Sometimes the evil eye can be so strong that hisequate to the curse. What is important here is the strength with which you were wishing evil, and also how much you were able to resist this influence at an unconscious level, because people with strong energy do not have to ask the question: how to determine the evil eye? But, at the same time, they think that it's easy to shoot it. Moreover, it can be protected from it by means of various amulets.


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