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Dream Interpretation: What does a bird dream about?

Dreaming is an integral part of everyone's liferights. However, despite the fact that we live in a world of high technologies, the nature of dreams has not been studied so far. We suggest you to find out what the birds are dreaming about. Dreams, to which we turn, will help us in this.

Dream Interpretation for Pregnant Women

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Birds, as a rule, symbolize the addition offamily. If a dreamer, waking married, dreamed of a representative of the feathered, then in the near future she will have a child. A young and unmarried girl who has seen such a dream will soon receive a marriage proposal. Magpie, appeared in a dream, symbolizes positive news. The wounded bird is an extremely negative dream, warning the dreamer that he will be upset by the behavior of his children.

To see in a dream a soaring bird - the dream book speaks ofthat you will be able to achieve material independence, make your life more bright and happy. To hear the singing of birds - in reality you will be able to overcome any obstacles, solve the most difficult tasks.

Sonnyk Karatova

If you dreamed of a bird in a cage, thenIn the near future there will be an opportunity to circle the nearest rivals, competitors. A dream in which you were lucky to see a beautiful bird with bright plumage, says that you will have a second wind. Despite the enormous difficulties that may have appeared on your life path, you will be able to achieve a positive result in any endeavor.

To see flying birds in the sky - dream book indicatesto the fact that in the near future you will receive good news from relatives or friends who are far from you. If the birds dreamed, sitting, for example, on wires - a negative dream, predicting sadness, sadness. To catch a bird in a dream - the dream book says that you will be able to win something, perhaps a jackpot in the lottery.

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If the bird of prey has dreamedpredicts you success. You can adequately get out of any situation, get rid of problems. To see a duck in a dream is a warning. To avoid any additional difficulties, try to think not only about your own skin, being less selfish. Chickens are dreaming, as a rule, to good. Perhaps in the near future you will get rich.

Watch in a dream for how the bird is nesting -you will render a substantial help to a close friend, for which he will be very grateful to you. See how the egg fell from the nest and broke - your soul will be full of emotions. If you dreamed of an empty nest - an extremely negative dream, predicting colossal difficulties in the workplace.

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To see a waterfowl - the dream book indicatestreachery of your friends. Owls who dreamed at night, as a rule, warn the dreamer of danger. In the near future you can become a victim of fraud, theft. Be extremely vigilant. If you dreamed that you could kill a carnivorous big bird - the dream book believes that this is a positive dream. You will be able to deftly bypass all the traps set by ill-wishers, to achieve high results in your career.

To wound or kill a small and defenseless bird -The dream book warns you of impending troubles that can knock the ground out from under your feet. Try not to make decisive decisions in the near future, not to sign securities. Catching birds is a good dream, symbolizing peace of mind and prosperity. Watching migratory birds that have flocked to the pack - you will be able to achieve significant results in business, to strengthen your financial situation. To listen to the chirping of birds - to moral exhaustion. If a lot of birds dreamed, sitting, for example, on the fence - an unfavorable dream, predicting lengthy lawsuits.

If you happen to catch a bird that has flown in the window -The dream book says that in the near future you will receive good news, make an expensive and very necessary purchase. For an unmarried girl this dream predicts an imminent wedding.

A worldly dream book

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Birds in the house are dreaming, as a rule, to the good.A girl who is not married, a dream like this predicts an imminent wedding. Generalized interpretation suggests that in the life of the dreamer there will come a white band. He can achieve a positive result in almost any case. If you were able to observe the bird hovering in the clouds, then you will be able to avoid serious problems, and minor troubles can not knock you out of the rut.

Catch a bird - the dream book warns you that,that in the near future you will have to face tough criticism in your address. Listen to the opinions of others, perhaps they are in some way right. If the birds are flying into the apartment, the dream book suggests paying attention to the character of the dream. You have released birds - you will manage to get out of the water even in the most difficult situation. If the birds did not think to fly away, they chittered loudly - huge problems would fall upon you, which you can not cope on your own.

See yourself as a hunter shooting atfeathered - a dream, which should also be interpreted, based on its nature. If you hit a bird, killed her, then soon expect trouble. To miss - you will get into an unpleasant story, but you will find the opportunity to avoid negative consequences.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

dream book of a bird in the house

Floating birds, more often than not, are a symbolthe flight of the dreamer's sexual fantasies. If you dreamed that someone from your acquaintances turned into a feathered one, then such a dream can indicate your negative attitude towards this person. Perhaps you even want him dead.

To see oneself in the image of a bird is a dream,symbolizing your inner experiences, fear of your own death. Hunting birds - in reality, you are most likely an extremely aggressive person. If you managed to kill a lot of birds, then in real life you suffer from an inferiority complex.

Universal dream book

To see in a dream a bird - the interpretations of the dream book have,as a rule, a positive character, since the birds are a symbol of freedom. If you dreamed of an owl, then in reality you are a very wise person who is used to trying to achieve his goal. To see a vulture is a dream that is extremely negative. Most likely, in real life you are not behaving in the best way, you are giving extra people extra help.

Zodiac Dream Book

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If in a dream you happened to see a crane wedge,then in the near future go to a long journey. Perhaps, this trip will be connected with work, business. Soroka, more often than not, symbolizes good news from loved ones. A small and smart sparrow - in the near future, possible health problems that will be associated with worsening weather conditions. The pigeon that flew into the apartment is a harbinger of trouble. Most likely, one of your relatives, being far from home, is engaged in a very dangerous business.

A bird sitting in a cage symbolizes internalfeelings, regrets about the deed. Perhaps you are not satisfied with what is happening around you, looking for an opportunity to radically change your life. Waterfowl is a symbol of experiences about a loved one, from which there has been no news for a long time. A bird of prey tearing the flesh of its victim is a warning dream. You need to look at both, as ill-wishers do not doze. They have already set their traps and wait for you to make a fatal mistake.

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Aggressive, hissing goose is extremely negativea dream that predicts a serious quarrel with close people. Try not to succumb to emotions, listen attentively to the claims in your address and express everything that has been boiling in your soul. A flock of pigeons, which had been warmed up at night, predicted an early meeting with an old friend. A lone dove hovering in the sky symbolizes that you should become a realist. Otherwise you will find yourself in captivity of your own illusions, unrealizable desires.

Ravens, seen in a dream, most often haveextremely negative nature. Most likely, you will have serious health problems. Cawing crows are a warning dream. You should be extremely careful, because you are seriously threatened. To see dead birds in a dream is a bad sign. You are in a difficult situation, spend a lot of energy on problem solving. In order not to plunge into trouble, it is necessary to correctly prioritize, to solve issues of paramount importance.

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dreamy big bird

If you dreamed home or tameda bird, then in real life it is necessary to pay attention to the family budget, which you may irrationally use. Try to avoid costly and meaningless purchases, since it is likely that you will find yourself in a difficult financial situation.


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