/ / Church of All Saints on Krasnoselskaya: contact information, church services, shrines, history

Church of All Saints on Krasnoselskaya: contact information, church services, shrines, history

Orthodox Alekseevsky femaleThe stauropegial monastery (formerly Novo-Alekseevsky) is notable for its history and modernity. But in this material we want to tell you about his Church of All Saints on Krasnoselskaya.

About the Temple

The All-Saints Temple was named Krasnoselsky because ofterritorial location (Krasnoye Selo, modern Krasnoselsky district of Moscow). His upper throne was consecrated in honor of All Saints' Day, the lower one - in honor of the Kazan icon of the Virgin.

From the very opening (1991) to the presentthe rector of the All-Saints Church - Archpriest Artemy. Since 2013, the Church of All Saints on Krasnoselskaya is the main temple of the restored Alekseevsky Monastery. In addition, several temples have been attributed to him, including Moscow's Tikhon Zadonsky (Sokolniki), Princess Olga (Ryazan Region).

the temple of all the saints in Krasnoselskaya

At the temple today functions:

  • Church parish school.
  • Children's health camp "Derzhavny".
  • Folk choir for all comers.
  • Orthodox store for spiritual family needs.
  • Icon Workshops.
  • "ARTOS" is a charitable foundation.
  • House temple named after the Crown Prince Alexy.

Krasnosel'sky Church of All Saints in Moscowlocated at: 2nd Krasnoselsky per., 7. Find it simple: exit from the metro station "Krasnoselskaya" on the street. Krasnoprudnuyu, go to the Rustakovskaya overpass. Go along the road under the last and turn left. Go along the red brick fence until the Alekseevsky Monastery appears on the right side.

The main shrines of the temple

The Church of All Saints on Krasnoselskaya is the center of sacred places, to worship which is the bright goal of the believer:

  • The Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Pantanasse.
  • An ancient icon with the apostle Paul.
  • Tikhvin icon of the Virgin, "The Savior of the Lord", "The Descent of Christ into Hell" - icons of the XVIII century.
  • Icons with particles of the relics of the Apostles Paul and Peter, Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, the Martyr Elizabeth, the Martyr Tatiana of Rome.
  • Icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov with the parts of the vestments of the monk.
  • Kazan icon of the Mother of God.
  • Cross-relic (located near the eve, in the right limit) with particles of holy relics and other shrines.

All Saints Church

Schedule of services

In the church of All Saints at the Krasnoselskaya divine service are conducted according to the general schedule.

Mon6:40 - morning service

16:45 - The 9th hour

17:00 - evening service

W7:00 - 3rd, 6th hour

16:45 - The 9th hour

17:00 - evening liturgy, akathist to the Monk Alexy

Thu6:40 - morning service

16:45 - The 9th hour

17:00 - evening service

Fri7:00 - 3rd, 6th hour

8:00 - commencement of the requiem

8:30 - 3rd, 6th hour

12:00 - Epiphany

16:45 - The 9th hour

17:00 - The All-Night Prayer


6:40 - early morning service

9:00 - the beginning of the prayer

9:30 - late morning service

15:45 - The 9th hour

16:00 - the beginning of Vespers

16:30 - prayer with the akathist at the icon "Our Lady of All-Russian"

After the timetable of the Church of All Saints on Krasnoselskaya, let us turn to the main landmarks of its history.

History of the All Saints Church in Krasnoyarsk

The first mention in the chronicle of the Red Villagerefer to 1480. It should be noted that the place where the temple was built is one of the oldest settlements of the capital. The city received the name on the Red (Great) pond, its area not inferior to the Kremlin of the city.

 The Church of All Saints on the Krasnoselskaya Schedule of Divine Services

The next historical mention is already in 1837.Then the Novo-Alekseevsky Monastery was moved from the center of Moscow to Krasnoye Selo. In the years 1887-1891. in his new cemetery and the All-Svyatsky Temple was built according to the plan of the architect A.A. Nikiforov. The structure was unusual and grandiose:

  • A three-domed high bell tower.
  • Inner painting, executed by the hands of the Troitserergiev icon painters.
  • The iconostasis of the white stone according to the plan of the architect N.I. Chichagov.
  • Shrine in the podklet.

By the beginning of the last century on the lands of AlekseevskyThe monastery was already four churches - All Saints, Archangel Michael, Cross Exaltation, the man of God Alexis. The Soviet era managed to survive only two - All-Svyatsky and Alekseevsky. In 1926 the monastery was closed for many years.

During the USSR, the Church of All Saints on Krasnoselskaya partially served as a production facility, partly as a repository for archives. The Russian Orthodox Church back, it was transferred in 1991.

Church of All Saints Krasnoselskaya Moscow

The All-Svyatskiy Krasnosel'skiy temple is one of thea few, miraculously survived the intolerant to religion Soviet era. Today he lives an active spiritual life, he regularly hosts morning and evening services. Many believers come to the All Saints' church in the Red Cross to apply to his miraculous, ancient icons, the cross-relics.


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