/ / In need will support the prayer of Archangel Michael

In trouble will support the prayer of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael helps in protection from thieves and other evil, patronizes those who suffered from natural disasters or military operations. It is customary to address him in grief.

the prayer of Archangel Michael


The literature describes miracles that occurredwith certain people to whom the Holy One was. So, it is widely known that in 1239, the Novgorod Archangel was saved by the forces of Khan Baty Novgorod. He stood in front of the attackers and forbade them to go into the city. The war was stopped. The prayer of Archangel Michael brings relief in everyday life. With its help you can create yourself a small miracle. So, students read it going for the exam. Those who travel often are also advised to contact this Saint. It helps to prevent misfortune, to pass the test without tangible losses. A very beautiful legend is associated with the name of Joan of Arc. They say she saw the Holy One. He practically supervised its activity. And in the battle for Orleans he joined the French with the Angels.

How the prayer of Archangel Michael treats ailments

To the Saint you can apply for protection on any important occasion for a person. There are no minor problems. If a person has something to worry about, then it is compulsory
Saint Michael will hear.Archangel, the prayer to which will be sincere, will support the person who appealed in any situation. It is believed that in the human body the Holy One is responsible for the blood. If there are problems with this system, then you need to read the prayer for the night, accompanying it with a request to solve the problems. The prayer of Archangel Michael brings relief to people suffering from hypertension. Its strength allows us to set up the body's work, that blood flow is cleared, and blood clots are freed.

Saint Michael Archangel Prayer

Prayer to Archangel Michael for the dead

If there is sorrow in the soul, there is no strength to reconcilewith the loss of a loved one, it is recommended to turn to the Holy One. For this, there is a special memorial prayer to Michael. It helps alleviate the bitterness of suffering. It is believed that if you refer to the Archangel during Holy Week,

prayer to the archangel Michael for the dead
mentioning the deceased by name, then the Archangel will help their souls get out of hell. According to the legend, at this time Michael's wing extinguishes Hell's Fire, blocking the sinners the way to Paradise.

Prayers of Archangel Michael

Words that are recommended to contactTo the saint, a few. So, there is a special prayer, which is pronounced before the icon, everyday, funeral. Their texts can be found in prayer books. There is also a short version, which is recommended to learn by heart. You can read it when you are nervous, afraid or worried. He will calm the rushing thoughts and give hope for the best. Prayer, uttered during excitement, stops the flow of negative forebodings, does not allow creating pictures of future misfortunes in my mind. Naturally, conditions are created for pacification, inclusion of logic. Thus, instead of imaginary problems a person receives a normal development of the situation. It is believed that it is best to turn to the Saint on the night of Michael's Day. We need to list our problems, to remember the deceased.

The prayer of Archangel Michael is protection in any trouble. The clergymen say that there is not a small problem for the Archangel. He comes to the rescue not only to heroes, but to all who need it.


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