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Prayer before the operation - what should it be?

Operation ... This word scares even bold men.And although today medicine has reached unprecedented heights, we are afraid of medical intervention until trembling in the knees. The operations are different: under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, complex hours and those that take place in 10-15 minutes. There are operations whose consequences are joy. For example, the birth of a child through caesarean section, or healing from a disease that has been tormenting for years. There are operations after which you need a long time to rehabilitate and recover, get used to a new life or prepare for the next prompt intervention. In short, there can be a lot of situations. There is one thing that unites them: man's fear of uncertainty, and sometimes fear for his life. It is at such moments that each of us understands how impotent he is and how he needs God's help. For such people, this article is written, which tells about the power of prayer before the operation, what it should be.

prayer before surgery

What should be the prayer?

Prayer before the operation, and indeed anyprayer to God, is valid only when in the soul of the worshiper there is faith in the one to whom he addresses with prayer. Christian prayer has nothing to do with conspiracy, mantras, psychological attitudes. Prayer before the operation for a true believer is entrusting oneself into the hands of God, obeying His good will, blessing the hands of doctors who will touch your flesh.

Before you read the prayer beforeoperation, think about whether you are a Christian? Do you believe in the one to whom you pray? If your answer is yes, then pray with all your heart, in your own words. If you've never done this before, use the sample provided in this article. In the Bible there is no clear indication of what words a Christian should address in prayer to the Lord, and therefore use of the prayers written by the priests, and prayer in simple words, proceeding from the heart, are permissible.

Before you pray ...

prayer for a patient before surgery
Confess to God in your sins,ask for forgiveness for them. Forgive all who have hurt you. If there is such an opportunity, go to church and receive Communion, ask the priest to pray for the upcoming surgery. Come home, read the Gospel - there are many cases of how Christ healed illnesses. If you do this, prayer before the operation will give you strength and faith in a happy outcome.

The same should be the prayer for the patient before the operation. However, if this person is far from believing in God, pray also for the salvation of his soul.

An Example of Prayer

prayer to onion before the operation
"In your hands, Lord Jesus Christ, I give you my spirit and my life.
I ask You, Almighty, bless and have mercyme. Grant me, O Lord, life and long days before your face. Thy mercy be upon me. Forgive me my sins in the name of your holy Son Jesus Christ. I trust in you, my Lord and my God. For you are the only Christ, the Son of the living God, who came to the sinful world to save us. Let your blessing be over the hands of the doctors, over what they will do. Thy will be done, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen."

The prayer of Luka Krymsky before the operation can also be used.


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