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The Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhy and its history

One of the unique monuments of old Moscowis the temple of St. Nicholas in Pyzhy. Built in the 17th century, it became part of our history and witnessed many of its important events. Today, returned to people after many years of atheistic timelessness, he again takes under his arches all those who are looking for their way to God.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi

The Church in the Streltsy Sloboda

From archival documents it is known that on the spot,where the temple of St. Nicholas is now located in Pyzhy, in 1593 the wooden church of the Annunciation of the Lord was laid. It became one of the first, erected in Moscow after the establishment of the patriarchate. As the archers, who were headed by the tsar's disciple MF Filosofov, settled nearby, they became its first parishioners.

But the destiny of a military man never gave himlinger on the spot. In the reign of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich brave archers together with their commander were sent to Kiev for guard duty there, and their regiment was occupied by the regiment of the governor Bogdan Pyzhov. Here is his name and was immortalized in the name of a new stone church, laid in 1657 on the site of a wooden church and was near Pyzhyovsky Lane.

Construction and decoration of the temple

In 1691, the donations madea chapel was erected in the name of St. Nicholas, which then gave the name to the whole church, and the zeal of the former parishioners of the regiment of the Philosopher's stepfather - one more, in honor of the Caves saints Antonia and Theodosius. The chapel itself was abolished in 1858, but so far the celebration in their honor is performed annually and is performed with great solemnity.

Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhy schedule of services

In the following years the church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhyunderwent significant restructuring, which in many ways changed its original appearance. According to the memoirs of his contemporaries, among other Moscow churches he stood out with an extraordinary harmony of his outlines.

In the fire of the great war

The misfortune befell the temple of St. Nicholas in Pyzhah in1812 year. Like many Moscow shrines, it was ruined and burned by the French. In place of the former magnificence there were only blackened walls. After the expulsion of the invaders, the city and ecclesiastical authorities for a long time could not proceed with its systematic restoration, since neither the Synod nor the parishioners were able to incur such significant expenses, and the treasury directed all available funds to the construction of administrative and residential buildings that perished in fire of the Moscow fire.

Only in 1848 began the restoration of the temple.By this time, it was finally possible to collect the necessary amount, composed of voluntary donations, to which money was added, which were released from the treasury at the behest of the Tsar Nicholas I. Great merit in the restoration of the temple belongs to his permanent trustee and the main benefactor, the Moscow merchant of the first guild of I. A. Lyamin. During all forty years, while the work was under way, he exercised general supervision over them and, importantly, helped in solving periodically arising financial problems.

Years of total atheism

But the main trials were waiting for the temple ahead, when inIn the twentieth century, power in the country was seized by the God-seeking government. In 1934 the church was closed, and many of its priests and parishioners were repressed. Suffice it to say that three of his clerics were subsequently canonized in the face of the new martyrs and confessors of Russia.

Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhiv address

In part, St. Nicholas Church was lucky that he did notwas destroyed, like so many of his Moscow colleagues, and after an internal re-planning was used for various economic needs. The main side-chapel of the temple was divided into three floors, and in the premises so formed, the building of the construction trust was initially located, then the scientific and technical laboratory, and finally the sewing workshops.

Return of the Shrine

In 1990, on the wave of perestroika, among othersMoscow shrines, the church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhy was returned to the faithful. The schedule of services for the first time appeared on its doors after a 56-year break. However, the first six months they were held in the neighborhood with continued work in the main side of the sewing workshop.

During the restoration work, thedestroyed in the thirties, the iconostases of both chapels of the temple. Work on them for eleven years, performed the Moscow painter IV Klimenko. The frescoes of the late 19th century, created by the artist A. Sokolov, were also cleared and tidied up miraculously.

Serious work to restore the appearancebuildings were conducted using old photographs and archives found in the archive. As a result, in 1993, before the Muscovites appeared the former church of St. Nicholas (in Pyzhy). The photos in the article give an idea of ​​his current appearance.

Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhin Photo

Again in the service of God and people

Today, when more than a quarter of a century has passed sincereturn to their parishioners, fully restored the atmosphere of high spiritual life that was inherent in the temple at all historical stages. Under the pastoral guidance of the rector of the archpriest Father Alexander (Shargunov), a full range of services prescribed by the Church Charter is being carried out, and much work is being done to educate religious people and those who are just about to receive holy baptism. For everyone, the St. Nicholas Church in Pyzhy is cordially opening its doors. Address: Moscow, st. B. Ordynka, 27a / 8.

Morning services begin at 8:00, and evening at 17:00 (in the summer at 18:00). On Sundays and holidays, two liturgies are performed: the early one at 7:00 and the late one at 10:00. On Wednesdays, evening services are accompanied by the reading of the Akathist of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.


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