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If you get knocked at the trouble: how at home to take damage

К сожалению, порча и сглаз – явления настолько widespread in our lives, that people have to learn to save themselves in difficult situations. Therefore, it is high time to introduce a special section into the course of HLSA - "protection from negative magical actions". Strangely enough, in order to make a person bad, it is not necessary to talk him at the grave or to conduct such an eerie ritual. It is enough "in time" of the said evil word, bad wish or curse - and everything, the victim will very soon feel its negative impact.

Miraculous Egg

how at home to take damage
How at home to remove spoilage?For this, there are many very effective rituals. One of them is rollback by egg. Of course, first of all you will need home testicles, fresh, right from under the chicken. But in a megalopolis, it is naturally difficult to find such. However, as practice shows, and bought in the store is also quite suitable. Another rule of how to at home to remove spoilage with the help of an egg: to begin the roll-out is desirable on the waning moon. But if you are very ill, do not hesitate, any time, even a new moon, will do. The ritual is the same: take the egg and thrice it from the top of the head to the fingertips. At this time, say special conspiracies or simply "Our Father", if you do not know the special words. Once rolled back - a little rest. The second time they did the same. And the third. Prayer is also read three times. The second stage of the ritual of how to remove egg damage at home: pour cold water into a clear glass, gently break the egg and pour the contents there. Do not shake, consider the contents of the container. If the thread stretches from the egg, the evil eye is heavy on you. If there are air bubbles on their tips, the trouble is very serious. And if the threads rise above the surface of the water in a glass, they must be set on fire. Then pour the contents into the toilet and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure should be 6, 8 and even 12 times - you will see how gradually the muck, which the egg collects from you, is getting smaller and smaller. Proportional to this will improve and your well-being. Yes, for all this time egg-containing dishes completely exclude from the diet!

Effective means

how to remove spoilage yourself at home
In general, before taking off at homedamage, you need to try to understand where the trouble came from, where its source. If you have ceased to be reconciled with domestic, if in native walls you suddenly become unbearable, hard and stuffy - look at the home. Often detractors leave all kinds of "podklady", which both emit negative energy, spoil the health and nerves of the inhabitants of the house. Therefore, thoroughly examine the rooms, look under the mats, carefully examine the door jambs and window frames. Notice something is not yours, someone else's - quickly get rid! The very first rule of how to remove spoiling yourself at home: to cut off access to yourself, to your shelter evil, destructive forces. Only never take "lining" with your bare hands - always in gloves or through any cloth. Take him away from the house and even the yard, break it, burn it, bury it. At this point, read the appropriate conspiracies or prayers, again, "Our Father", if you do not know others. You can also pray to the Theotokos.

how to remove the evil eye at home

By the way, as a "lining" can acta gift handed to you is not from a pure heart, or an object that the former owner spoke and threw out with the expectation that his troubles will spread to the one who finds favor in the find - in this case they are you. Dispose of such objects in a similar way and without regret. And it happens that you bought a new thing in the market or in the store, or second-hand in a commission, but it also carries negative energy and information, passing through several other people's hands. If you get sick, when you use it - it's better to part with such "good". Although those who are looking for how to remove the evil eye at home and spoilage from things, one can also advise such a method: knives with wooden handles (2) pass the blade through the fire, and then draw them three times over the thing cross. Of course, with prayer. Repeat the ritual several times. Then sprinkle with consecrated water. In general, it can be cleaned by adding it to the bath while bathing and repeating prayers about oneself, you can drink it. Special prayers in the church are very good for dealing with evil eye and evil spells. Consult your father and read them regularly. It is possible to clean perfectly and bought in the church with consecrated candles.


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