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The meaning of the name Lolita. Strong female names

What do you know about strong female names?The name Lolita itself screams about its strength and power. Pascal declension - Lola, Loli, Lita, Lolo, Lolia. What is the meaning of the name Lolita? Now we'll talk about this.

Origin of the name Lolita

It is believed that this name is Catholic.The history of its appearance goes back either to Spain or to Rome. Opinions are twofold and never converge on one. According to one words, it comes from the Spanish word "grief", on the other - from the Roman field grass Lolli. There are also versions that the name is only a derivative of Dolores. And over time it became separate. The name is popular more in the west, and in the Slavic countries is rarely used.

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Lolita: characteristics of the name

  • The sign of the zodiac is cancer, a lion.
  • The planet is Mars, the Sun.
  • Color - red, purple, white and orange.
  • The stone-talisman is jasper.
  • Totem - a fly, a falcon, a scarab.
  • Plant - rose, mistletoe, laurel, lemon, cedar.
  • Day is Sunday.
  • Metal is gold.
  • Element - fire.

Lolita - a name that is not mentioned in Orthodox saints, but according to the Catholic calendar, the Angel Day is celebrated twice: on May 30 and September 15.

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Parents who decided to name their daughter Lolita,the mystery of the name will be extremely interesting. Complex nature of its owner can lead to problems in communicating with people or colleagues at work. In the family, everyone knows that behind the stubbornness lies an vulnerable personality. It is very sensitive and takes what is happening to heart with respect to native people, but the criticism of strangers can be safely ignored. In fact, quick temper is her "Achilles' heel," which can even lead to self-doubt, because she often loses friends because of her.

What else will tell the meaning of the name Lolita?She is modest, but self-assured, knows her own worth and, if necessary, she can stand up for herself. These qualities help her to get a job in high positions. She simply communicate with superiors and subordinates, while she is taken seriously, but friendly.

Since childhood, Lolita has learned to live independently andto achieve all that she needs, as a result, already in her youth, she is firmly on the ground, confidently striding to her dream with leaps and bounds. Thanks to a good intellect, he knows how to find simple ways. At the same time, the risk is not familiar to her, something new, not tested, rather, scares that justifies the choice of the beaten track, tested by years and many people.

Defeats and failures in life perceivequietly, without making a serious catastrophe out of it. Bodra, energetic, able to push anyone to feats and unscheduled travel. On the spot does not sit, preferring active rest to a quiet home atmosphere.

A negative feature of the character is that she is angry very seriously. It's hard to anger, but if it happens, it will cool down for a long time.

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Power Engineering

Like karma, Lolita's energy depends on heractions, what she likes, what she is going to and what methods she uses to achieve her goals. Negative side of the name like selfishness, prudence, quick temper can spoil her life and health. A strong-willed character, kindness and love of work, communication, on the contrary, are able to inspire conquest of new peaks.

Love and relationships

How does the meaning of the Lolita name affect itsrelations with the opposite sex and fate? She cherishes the feelings: love, relationships and just friendship for her are very important, and they will not exchange them for nothing. Communication does not cause difficulties. With people it converges easily and at ease, making more friends and acquaintances. Although it is worth noting that she chooses close friends carefully. The secret of communicating with her is simple, one must be able to stay in the sector of integrity and not enter into an aggressive environment. Lolita does not like quarrels, and if they do, it takes a very long time, until the relationship breaks down.

Love for Lolita is very important, she can stronglyget attached to the second half, but to let someone expensive does not know how. This is not just a beautiful woman, but a lady, passionate and sexy, who knows a lot about fashion. She knows how to submit herself in any situation. Work, home, higher society - is for her, rather, a game. So that men are not indifferent to it, however, the very one, as a rule, is searched for a long time. She can often come across simple guys, but Lolita needs someone who understands and supports her.

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Family relations largely depend on valuesand upbringing. Lolita prefers harmony. And if the husband wants to stay at home and will deal with children, and in her own career growth and a good salary, she will happily give way to her husband. But if before the marriage she has not decided on a career, and her husband does not mind that she was sitting at home, then it will not be rushed to work. In this case, she does not fight for leadership, giving her husband care about money and problems. The household will take a significant place in her life. He loves children and can spend a lot of time with them. Her husband prefers to choose for life. It is distinguished by devotion and honesty. Does not change and always quite frankly expresses claims, if they are.

Health and talents

Lolita's health can be envied.Since childhood, little sick, strong, hardy. But with age, there may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract, skin or respiratory system. In addition, a strong temper can lead to psychoemotional problems and disorders in the nervous system. To avoid this, it is worth giving yourself a break, from time to time relax, go on vacation or from childhood to engage in meditation. It will also be nice to choose a sport, yoga, swimming or jogging.

Innate sense of decency can be attributed toobvious talents of the person. It is most clearly manifested in crisis, critical moments of life and emergency situations. In addition, Lolita possesses an enviable intuition, always plans ahead and tries to fulfill the intended results with precision. And given that everything usually happens exactly as she expected, then all possible plans and plans of it are easily realized.

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How the meaning of the Lolita name can affect the choiceher profession? Since childhood, she has been paying attention to various areas of activity. Such girls love art and music, but they can stop on more complex sciences: international relations, literature, mathematics.

Lolita is hardworking and intelligent, can becomean indispensable worker, but under certain conditions of work. Laziness does not accept in any of its forms and if she has chosen any field, she will try to reach the maximum of career height. The most acceptable profession, where you do not need to work around the clock, but pay good money. These women prefer freedom of action, for which they pay well and on time.

In terms of money, this person is very prudent, but alsocomfort for her is important. To work on three jobs for a decent salary will not, but having a good education, will find a prestigious area where there is a lunch break and the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee during the working day.

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Of the professions the best choice will be medicine andpedagogy. He will also achieve high ranks as an actress, an artist, a small businessman or musician. Not many other strong female names are able to give their owners the same interesting and rich life.


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