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Biography of the Prophet Muhammad: key events and the basis of the teachings

Religious thinker - the founder of Islam, the prophetMuhammad - whose biography can serve as an example for every Muslim, was born in the family of a merchant named Abdullah in the city of Mecca. Disputes about the date of his birth are still not abating, but in most reliable sources, 570 is indicated. The boy lost his father, while still in the womb. His mother died when he was six years old. Educating the future prophet took care of his uncle. Since childhood, the boy has worked hard and hard: a shepherd, a merchant's assistant, and then a small trader. Together with the caravans, this inquisitive and self-conceiving youth traveled many cities, where he communicated with different people. In one of these trips he met a Nestorian monk Bakhir.

biography of the Prophet Muhammad

Prediction of Bakhir

The biography of the Prophet Muhammad contains manyinteresting moments, but this is considered one of the most important. You can even say - fateful. As a teenager, Muhammad went along with his uncle's caravan to Syria. On the way, he drove to Busru and was placed next to the cell of the monk Bakhira, who was considered a Christian scholar. They say that the monk saw a cloud over the future prophet. When the shadow of this cloud overshadowed the nearby tree, his branches bent low over Muhammad. Struck by what he saw, Bakhir invited the young man to his room and began to question him about his views on life, dreams, deeds, etc. After a long conversation, the monk was sure that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. About what he told a teenager and his uncle.

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Marriage in Khadija

Biography of the Prophet Muhammad is filled not onlyreligious, but also ordinary, everyday events. One such is his marriage to the rich and noble widow Khadija. She was engaged in trade and took men to work for her own business. So to her in the shop hit 21-year-old Mohammed. Four years later, admiring the qualities of the future prophet, Khadija decided to marry him. According to the testimony of numerous sources she was older than her husband by 15 years. Before that, she had been married twice. The founder of Islam loved her very much, even after she died. When the sheep were cut for dinner or dinner, Muhammad always sent her several pieces of meat to her friends. The second wife of Aisha, until the end of her life, was jealous of Khadija, even when she was no longer alive.

Mohammed the Prophet of Allah

The basis of the teaching

The biography of the Prophet Muhammad would be incomplete without mentioning the Koran, where his remarks are collected. The basis of the doctrine, which is known as Islam, are five postulates:

1. Monotheism (there is only Allah).

2. Prayer 5 times a day.

3. Purification alms.

4. Pilgrimage to Mecca.

5. Annual fasting in the month of Ramadan.

The Last Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Biography of the Prophet Muhammad ends in 632year. In March, he made a hajj to Mecca. His preaching was 14,000 Muslims, to whom Muhammad announced the end of his prophetic mission. After returning to Medina, he started fever. The prophet categorically refused medications. On June 8 he came to the mosque next to his house and bid farewell to the prayers. A few hours later Muhammad died in the arms of his wife Aisha.


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