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The malefice: symptoms in adults. What to do if the jinxed

Stable life style begins to crumble,perfect state of health gives way to a series of unpleasant diseases, and a good mood literally evaporated, leaving apathy and irritability? Most likely, this "black bar" is evidence of the evil eye! The result of other people's (and sometimes their own) negative thoughts is noticeable in a few minutes! In this article, we will analyze what is the evil eye and corruption, how to determine if it is not a self-joke, and discuss how to get rid of this misfortune!

male eye symptoms in adults

What is the evil eye?

"Corruption from the eye" - this is how you can decipherthe word "evil eye". This is one of the simplest types of magic intervention. And to send and earn the evil eye is easy, because it does not change the fateful programs, it is not a curse. To cause a malefice, a strong enough negative emotion, which will distort the habitual course of life forces. By the way, it is on the strength of emotion that the distortion of the inner world depends - if the impulse was powerful, the person who was jinxed will feel it more sharply.

How to recognize a strong malefice: symptoms

Where it is thin, there it is torn - this is the main mottoany evil eye. Those who suffer from chronic diseases, after the evil eye, there is an exacerbation. People who have problems with pressure, begin to experience characteristic ailments. There are general symptoms:

  • headache, migraine;
  • dizziness accompanied by darkening in the eyes;
  • severe fatigue and drowsiness;
  • colds;
  • distraction;
  • irritability.

If you leave the first symptoms unattended, the evil eyewill continue its negative impact. Passivity and lethargy will eventually become depressed. What else can the evil eye bring? Symptoms in adults, say the magicians, can become more dangerous! A person has lost the desire to do what he likes, he moves away from his family. The headache does not stop for a minute, there may be "voices" in the head. Another dangerous symptom is the desire to "drown" their sorrows in wine, drugs. Often there are thoughts of suicide. All these signs continue to manifest until the negative program is changed.

severe eye symptoms

Who is at risk?

Most often the influence of the "evil eye" is exposedpeople are public, those who often communicate with people. For example, medical workers, teachers, sellers, actors and singers are vulnerable. Risk and all those to whom others may feel jealous. That is, in order to get the evil eye, you do not even have to do anything. It's enough to be strong, healthy, beautiful and successful!

Often the negative impactcertain things: material well-being, attractive appearance, success in work and business, family relations, updates. In this case it is very easy to identify the owner of the "evil eye" - it is necessary to remember who you shared your achievements and joy with.

Harmful habits and strange behavior: symptoms of malefice in men

Even a powerful male biofield can suffer frombad thoughts of another person. How does the evil eye manifest? Symptoms in adult males are creepy enough. For example, auditory hallucinations appear: men may feel that they are talking to deceased relatives or acquaintances. Another sign is increased irritability. By the way, it's not only domestic that irritates people, even casual people often become victims of aggression. Even teetotalers suddenly go into drinking, start using narcotic substances.

symptoms of maleficiency in men

By the way, it is worth paying attention to howa man is behaving during a conversation. Under the influence of the evil eye, representatives of the strong half of mankind look away, close, cease to perceive any criticism. By the way, the symptom of the evil eye can be disorders and disruptions in the digestive system. Lack of appetite or excessive consumption of food indicates a magical effect!

The reaction of women to the evil eye

Symptoms of a woman's evil eye are slightly different fromthose manifestations that are faced by the stronger sex. Influence from the outside hurts the ladies more. Women can get lost sleep, and if you can manage to sleep - nightmares are tortured. Another sign of the evil eye is watery eyes. Suffering and attractiveness - women suffer from deterioration of the skin, weight problems, hair can fall out. Nails and teeth badly deteriorate. Often, the forces are not enough even for the most primitive actions, such as taking a shower. It is worth noting that among the symptoms of the evil eye in women there is a significant decrease in sexual activity.

symptoms of the maleficent woman

Who can jinx it?

Чаще всего в роли обладателя "дурного глаза" advocates a person who does not differ in mental stability. Irritant and envious people very quickly "break out" and "cool down." In this case, there is a release of negative energy. Even more harm can be caused by balanced people, brought to a state of rabies. Long restraining, they accumulate a negative.

Получить энергетический пробой легко во время conversation on high tones, when one interlocutor surpasses the other energetically. One flash of anger is enough for one person to get the evil eye, and the other to be discharged. The first one feels that he was trampled into the mud, and the second feels an inner emptiness.

Grandmothers who gather at the entrances, too, can jinx it. After all, whispering bad words and curses in the back of neighbors, they are causing them energy losses.

Corruption or evil eye: how to define?

In addition to the evil eye, there is another kindadverse energy impact - damage. From the evil eye it differs in that it is intentionally induced. With its help, a negative program is introduced, which harms not only a certain person, but also his entire family. In order to bring damage, not enough harsh words or bad thoughts. The help of the magician is necessary. Photos, hair, personal belongings - it is with their help that damage is caused. The action of this program is more powerful than the usual "evil eye", because it can even lead to death.

evil eye and corruption how to identify

Now you understand what the evil eye and corruption is. How to determine what exactly caused the "black band" in life?

First signs of spoilage

Изначально стоит обратить внимание на состояние health. About the presence of spoilage says malaise, which the doctor can not explain. Another sure sign is a sense of unpleasant odors, which also has no explanation. In case of damage, the attitude of not only close people, but also animals: they start to bite, hiss or whine. Sleep disorders, increased anxiety, obsessive conditions - these are all symptoms of a strong magical interference in your life.

How to get rid of the evil eye

If you have a maleficus (symptoms in adults have helpeddiagnose it), you can get rid of it yourself. You can do this with a regular mirror. To remove the evil eye, you need a candle. At night you need to stand in front of a mirror with a lighted candle. Other sources of light in the room should not be. Looking at your reflection, you need to ask the mirror world to take the evil eye with you and never let it go back to the real world. It is better to leave a candle in front of a mirror, until it burns out.

And what if they have jinxed themselves?Field flowers and grass will come to the rescue. True, there is one condition: they must be collected on the most magical night of the year - the night of Ivan Kupala! Three bouquets must be dried. The ritual of getting rid of the self-eye is at dawn: you need to face north, set fire to the flowers. Necessarily with your eyes closed! It is necessary to remember all your failures and mentally burn them.

malefic symptoms in adults how to take off

Что делать, если сглазили близкого человека?Believers will help the church. It is worthwhile to come, pray and put a candle on the health of the person who was jinxed. It is the prayers that carry great power in themselves. True, they will be effective only if there is sincere faith.

Other ways to combat the "evil eye"

You have determined the malefice (symptoms in adults you alreadyfamiliar), took it off and are now worried about the question: "What should I do not to become a victim of bad thoughts again?" We offer unusual methods of prevention!

what to do if the jinxed

  1. Wear ribbons or threads of red on your hands. They will absorb all the negative, directed at you.
  2. Hang a bag over the front door with a mixture of dry herbs: St. John's wort, laurel, thistle and dandelion.
  3. To push the evil eye away from yourself, while dealing with unpleasant people, touch metal objects. A regular coin will do!

Now you know what the evil eye is.Symptoms in adults (how to remove the negative - we told) are quite characteristic, so to confuse them with signs of any disease and ignore the problem in people vigilant will not work. Take care of yourself and strengthen inner integrity and energy!


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