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Nikolo-Bogolyubsky Temple in Pavshino: History and Modern State

If Moscow is the capital of Russia, the capital of the Moscow region is Krasnogorsk. After all, except for industrial and administrative, the city has a great spiritual potential. Judge for yourself.

Temples of Krasnogorsk

Decorate the city with beautiful old churchbuildings: the Znamensky church in Gubaylovo, the Nikolo-Bogolyubsky temple in Pavshino, the Assumption church in Chernevo, etc. There are many other less known churches.

nikolo bogolyubsky temple in the Pavshino

The most famous of all of the abovesights of the city is the Nikolo-Bogolyubsky Temple in Pavshino. In Krasnogorsk these church buildings are located at ul. Central, 33. At the same time, only those who have visited here know about an interesting feature. After all, the Nikolo-Bogolyubsky Temple in Pavshino is not one church, as some think, but the whole complex of two churches - Nikolsky (Nikolai the Miracle-Worker) and Bogolyubsky (Bogolyubsky Icon).

The monastery was built in the XIX century, but at different times.Architectural solutions they differ, and the degree of preservation is not the same. But both churches constitute a single spiritual complex with the common name of the Nikolo-Bogolyubsky Temple in Pavshino.


The first in this complex was built Nikolskayachurch. The wooden building, erected in pre-Petrine times (mentioned in chronicles for 1623), stood on the bank of the Moskva River in the palace village of Pavshino. The church was named in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of shipping and travelers. With the increase in the inhabitants of the village, it was decided to build a stone abode. And so, from 1817 to 1823, such a church and a 32-meter bell tower were erected. The consecration took place in 1823 after finishing all the finishes and modifications.

nikolo bogolyub temple

Further, the Nikolo-Bogolyubsky Temple in Pavshino wasexpanded Bogolyubsky Church. The prehistory of the construction of this shrine will be interesting to many, but it is related to the name. From history, we know that in the middle of the 19th century, the epidemic of cholera was rampant in Russia. The disease also reached Pavshino. Then the inhabitants of the village took from the church the Bogolyubsky icon of the Mother of God and made a procession around their settlement. And cholera receded, none of the peasants became ill. In view of this miracle of donations, it was decided to build a church in honor of such an icon. And it was erected next to the St. Nicholas Church in 1866.

Current state

At the present time, the Nicholas-Bogolyubsky Temple(Pavshino is a microdistrict in Krasnogorsk) conducts all necessary services. At the same time, in the Bogolyubsky church, which was never closed and was the only one functioning in the Soviet era, divine services are conducted in full. There are also weddings and baptisms.

nikolo bogolyubsky temple in the Pavshino in Krasnogorsk

The church of St. Nicholas was persecuted, waspossession of the Krasnogorsk metal plant, inside was rebuilt. Since 2002, it was returned to the parish and is gradually restored. In 2013, the first Divine Liturgy was held in this church after returning to the parish. Therefore, on Sundays, worship services are held here, although there is still a lot of restoration work to be done.


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