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Is it possible to remove spoilage independently?

Is there corruption? Today this mystical concept is recognized even by psychiatrists. Corruption is, from the point of view of magicians and sorcerers, a negative impact on a person with the help of witchcraft.

Scientists also understand by this term destructivethe impact of negative information. It is interesting that not only an outsider can "spoil" the damage. Bad thoughts, negative self-hypnosis and disbelief in one's own powers are quite capable of "spoiling" a person and his life. How to maintain your own peace of mind? Is it necessary to contact witch doctors or clairvoyants to remove spoiling? Not at all. Self-removal of spoiling is quite possible, even if you are an unbeliever, but amenable to someone else's influence. I suggest several options for this action. One of them is more suitable for those who believe in God. Another is for people who believe in their own strength and do not recognize mystical influences.

Self-Removing Corruption

removal of spoilage and evil eye yourself

They say that the evil action of others' eyes wewe are constantly exposed. Corruption can be induced accidentally: in a word, spoken in hearts, by envy of someone else's happiness. Sometimes such an act is done intentionally. Before turning to the healers, you need to try independent removal of spoilage. And it is even better to make constant "prevention", i.e. behave so that the evil eye can not harm. If you believe in God, then the removal of spoiling and evil eye for yourself should begin with a regular visit to the Temple. It is recommended to go to confession at least once every two weeks, fast on Wednesdays and Fridays, observe religious holidays.

If you felt the effect of the evil eye,take a broom, sprinkle it with holy water and mark the accumulated rubbish from the threshold. You can spray your holy apartment with holy water, wash yourself, wiping your face with the underside of your hem. You can fumigate the room and bed with incense. If it seems to you that these actions are powerless, try removing the spoilage yourself with an egg. Take the usual raw egg, sit comfortably to the north and start smoothly "rolling out" the evil eye, reading the prayers or mantras you know. The action usually takes about a quarter of an hour. But leading and folk healers warn: with the help of a single egg, even a strong magician can not remove the spoilage.
removal of spoilage and evil eye yourself
Independent removal of spoilage - it's easysuggestion, which, upon closer examination by the healers, is either incorrect or unfinished work. Therefore, if you are sure that there is corruption on you, do not engage in amateur activities, but go to the healer.

And what about those who do not believe?

There is a great way to get rid of the negative.First of all, chase yourself away from everything bad. Forever forget the words "I can not", "I doubt", "will not work" and others that bear a negative color. Accept yourself as you are. Avoid despondency and work hard on yourself. Leading psychiatrists have proved that if a person's head is occupied with positive and creative thoughts, negative information does not influence him, so the evil eye and corruption to such a person are not terrible.


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