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The Prophet Malachi: History, Prayer and Interesting Facts

In everyday life, the word "prophet" meansthe person of the person who predicts the future. But in the Orthodox faith, these people performed a more serious and important function. We learn about the mission of God's messengers, and also find out who the prophet Malachi is, the prayer to which is also read.


Prophetic activity in the Bible

With their speeches the prophets informed the electthe will of the Most High, and also proclaimed the coming of the Messiah (Savior). Their activities are described in the largest part of the Bible, that is, in the Old Testament. The role that the prophets played in the confessional development of Israel was great. The Old Testament presupposed a two-way connection between man and God. Prophets are sources that conveyed the Lord's revelations to the God-chosen people, that is, the Israelites. The doctrine that the prophets told us, as a rule, consists of three elements, characteristic of the Old Testament:

  • faith in one God;
  • moral behavior;
  • the expectation of salvation.

prophet malachi prayer

Prophetic activity unfolds in theIsrael and Judea from VIII to IV century BC, although there are some prophets who lived before, for example, Samuel and Moses. The composition of the Old Testament included only 12 works of small prophets, as well as four creations of great prophets, although there were more. The 12 small prophets included Amos, Jonah, Avdey, Zechariah, Malachi and others. Today you will find out who the prophet Malachi is, and why he was called the "seal of the prophets."

Brief information

The prophet Malachi refers to 12 small biblicalthe prophets. If you believe the Holy Scripture, then it says that Malachi comes from the tribe of Zebulun. He passed away at a young age. His prophetic activity was at a time when the temple of Jerusalem was rebuilt again after the capture. This is approximately 400 years before our era. The Holy Prophet Malachi severely censured people for lack of diligence in the sacrifices. He rebuked the priests because they evaded faith, threatened them with God's judgment for blasphemy and various vices, and clearly predicted the coming of the Savior, the appearance of John the Baptist and the fast Judgment of God. The memory of the prophet in the Orthodox Church takes place on January 3, according to the old style, or January 16, according to the Gregorian calendar.

The life of the saint

The prophet Malachi lived godly.He led the people in admiration and wonder at the fact that his life was pure, like the angel of God. His name in Hebrew means "angel of the Lord." Since Malachi was called to prophetically serve, he became a zealous champion of faith, piety and law. When the Jews returned from captivity, they had many moral and religious problems, which became even more because of the carelessness of the priests. Looking at this picture, the prophet Malachi was outraged and upset, after which he had to formidably act and convict the people.

holy prophet malachi

His speech was that they do not relate to God withdue reverence and veneration, bring inadequate sacrifices. To the priests, he said that because of their wrong activities, people are shying away from God's way, because they do not keep the commandments and hypocrites. So they blaspheme God and succumb to temptations. The people he censured because he treacherously violates the behests of fathers and ancestors, that husbands and their spouses are being treated unfairly, they reject the lawful wife and live with foreign women. In his speeches, God's messenger threatened all people with the Supreme Court for various vices, including adultery, witchcraft and sorcery, for making false oaths, for offending and oppressing orphans and widows, for violating and not they fulfill the law of the offering in the temples.

His words touched the Jews, because theyspoke bold and bad words. As if service to God is vain and useless, as if there is no sense in keeping the commandments. It was said that the wicked who do lawlessness live better and have no problems. In his activity, Malachi denounced human sins, and simultaneously saw the coming of the Savior, and before that - the phenomenon of the Forerunner and the speedy God's judgment for the wicked. He died at a young age, and was buried with his ancestors in his native village of Sufa. In Orthodoxy it is called the "seal of the prophet", because he was the last of the Old Testament prophets.

The Interpretation of the Prophet Malachi

The theological works of the saint have reached the present day.This book has four chapters that set forth his prophetic speech, instructions to the people and priests. It contains the words denouncing the moral and moral shortcomings of the Jewish people, as well as the threat of punishment by God.

prophet malachi from corruption

The essence of his book is that heHe protests against careless treatment of liturgical affairs. Especially he curses priests and Israelites who did not fear God and abandoned their lawful wives. Malachi wanted his speeches to contribute to the restoration and strengthening of morality among the Israeli people. He believed that his main goal was to prepare people for the coming of the Most High, but among the Jews there were impatient people who began to question the prophecy that the Lord would come. Malachi argued the opposite, that He will soon be with the people.

What else did the prophet say?

The saint always said that the Lord loves everyoneman, that our Most High demands respect for himself. He cited comparisons that as the son of his father reveres, so the slave should respect and fear his master. Malachi very often asked a rhetorical question: is not mankind the Father? Did not the Lord God alone create each of us?

prophet malachi prayer from corruption

His words contain the thought that God isjudge and deliverer simultaneously for each of us. His laws must be respected by mankind, for which he will bless us and take us into his kingdom. When a person comes to the temple, he must sacrifice something. It can be in the form of a purchased and lit candle at the image of the Holy, in the form of money that you gave to help the temple or a beggar, in the form of a sacrificed time for God - this is also a kind of sacrifice that must be borne with a clean, clear mind and heart .

Prayer to the Saint

They say that the prophet Malachi helps with the spoiling.This is partly true. In the life of any person, very often there are various troubles. A person, by his own superstition, which is also a sin, begins to seek funds and prayers from the removal of the evil eye and spoilage. The priests in the temples say that a true Christian who correctly believes in God observing all church canons will not take any magic plot. This is explained as follows: if a person regularly prays, goes to confession, and then takes communion, his soul becomes so pure and light that the dark forces are not able to take possession of it, and hence the very body of man.

akathist to the prophet malachi

The Akathist is sung to the prophet Malachi, as well asthe rest of the saints of the Orthodox Church. It consists of kontakion, which contains a life story of a saint. Like any other saint, the prophet Malachi protects the believer. The prayer for spoiling is invented by the Orthodox, not by the saints. To help your soul cleanse, you need to read:

  • kontakion 1, voice 4;
  • Kontakion 2;
  • troparion, voice 2;
  • troparion, voice 4.

Also in the prayer of the Orthodox there is a prayer in which a person turns to a saint. It begins with the words: "O praiseworthy and pathetic, the prophet of God Malachi ..."

In addition to protecting against magic

If you suffer from spells, then duringit is necessary to read prayers as often as possible: "Our Father", "Virgin of the Virgin, Rejoice", "The Symbol of Faith", and Psalm 90. Start the day with morning prayers, then on an empty stomach take the holy water with the words assigned to it. To finish the day you need similar evening prayers.

the interpretation of the prophet malachi

Use the book "Prayer ShieldOrthodox Christian "does not follow, despite the fact that her release is approved by the priest.This book contains pseudo Orthodox prayers with elements of conspiracies (which is witchcraft), which are elements of magic banned by the Orthodox faith.


The prophet Malachi was right in his words.The prayer for this saint must be in the arsenal of every Orthodox Christian. Words addressed to God or his helpers should contain requests for the salvation of the soul, not the body. It's not for nothing that they say that a healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.


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