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How to identify and remove the evil eye yourself? Wards, prayers

Information on the existence of negative energy,transmitted from one person to another, now is not a secret. That's just about what it is and how to work with it, people sometimes have no idea. Let's look at how to identify and remove the evil eye. This topic is oversaturated with all sorts of legends that only confuse people. We'll put everything in order not to be afraid of this unknown witchcraft, but it's easy to deal with it.

how to identify and remove the evil eye

What is the evil eye?

To begin, as usual, follows from the definition.After all, without understanding who the enemy is, you will not be able to build a defense. Understanding how to identify and remove the evil eye, it is necessary to understand the essence of this phenomenon, to identify it. Specialists offer many schemes and explanations. They are all true. The fact is that the phenomenon of the evil eye is manifested in thin fields that are not visible to the human eye. We do not have the opportunity to feel it with our own hands. Therefore, various schemes are used to explain this phenomenon. For example, imagine how to identify and remove the evil eye, you can, if you take as a basis the energy model of man. In it, it is proposed to consider our body as a ball "hanging" on two streams, coming towards each other from the Universe to the center of the planet and back. At the same time, energy constantly fills the "ball" and leaves it. The model, of course, is complex, but fairly objective. Our body lives at the expense of the energy of the described flows. The so-called envelope restrains them. The air balloon is really very suitable as a visual model. If the shell is pierced, then the energy necessary for a person to live will drain out. In our case, to the one who damaged it. This "hole" is called the evil eye. Once again: the phenomenon in which the energy envelope is damaged, as a result of which the life force leaves the person, is the essence of the phenomenon we are studying.

Kinds of evil eye

Before proceeding to the recipe for getting rid ofit is necessary to talk about the signs of the phenomenon with which we are going to fight. Arguing how to identify and remove the evil eye, it is desirable to classify its main features. Let's not look for a "black cat in the dark". Nothing will come of it. A typical person does not see energy. Consequently, the "hole" does not make out. But it will feel her influence on himself or her. In addition, very many can recall the moment when the aura was broken. Tell me, is this incredible? Sami then try. It's not so difficult. The evil eye is intentional and random. The first are applied by those who experience strong (not necessarily negative) emotions to the victim. The most common is envy. Did anyone praise you, after which did trouble happen? This it was. The person himself is singing the praises, and his envy eats, the desire to take possession of what he admires. At the energy level, it looks like a spear piercing the victim's field. So, by the way, a mother can jinx a child if she becomes excessively admired by his virtues or achievements. But this kind of negative influence is attributed to random. The evil eye is not always deliberately applied. Sometimes the "enemy" does not suspect that it harms the victim, and does not want it.

how to remove the evil eye from a child

Signs of the evil eye

We will assume that the model with a "ball" is understoodreader, as well as the mechanism of the appearance of holes in the aura. It is much more interesting to move to practice. Namely: everyone cares, but how to know the evil eye. It's only at first glance a dark forest. Negative effects have quite definite signs. They are as follows:

  • spoils the mood;
  • the state of health worsens;
  • there is drowsiness;
  • there are minor troubles (a heel breaks, dishes are broken and so on);
  • the temperature can rise for no reason at all;
  • the person "burns";
  • there is a breakdown.

There are more specialized signs.We listed only the general. And the very condition of a person depends on the strength of the evil eye. Infants, for example, can scream for hours until negative energy is neutralized. And adults appear "strange". Some confuse words (a sure sign), vomiting or diarrhea may begin. People with poor health feel the onset of a cold or sore throat. This is also a sign of the evil eye.

What happens if you do not fight the negative?

Sometimes, Mom, for example, understands:maleficiated a child. What to do in this case, it does not represent. Some wait, maybe it will pass by itself. This is very harmful. If we return to our model, the energy leaves the person without hindrance, and with it health, strength, joy and prospects. While the evil eye will not be removed, this process will not stop. Although some types of "holes" are dragged out by themselves. Aura of a person is constantly updated by the described flows. If the "hole" is not very large, then the energy heals naturally. However, one should not hope for it. It is better to find out how to remove the evil eye, and to hold the appropriate ritual. Then the vital energy will remain with the stricken man, therefore, there will be no serious consequences. Of course, this primarily applies to cases when the maleficent child. What to do specifically, we discuss just below.

jinxed the child what to do

How to remove the evil eye

This is perhaps the most difficult moment.No, rituals in general are not difficult. In any case, we will not deal with incomprehensible or cumbersome rites. Here it is in another. Any ritual works on the internal energy of the person who conducts it. That is, it is necessary to believe in the fact that it necessarily helps, even the shadow of doubt is not allowed in the opposite. This is the only, but very serious, complexity. For example, you began to figure out how to remove the evil eye from the child. We read the description of the ritual, became interested in the comments. And there, of course, different write. One helped, some did not. How will you treat the situation? Will you seek another ritual or this one? If there is doubt in the subconscious, then do not start. Nothing worthwhile will fail. Therefore, by the way, such rituals were not described in the network before, but were transmitted by kind. The older generation taught the children how to guard themselves against the devil's forces, how to defend themselves from the attack, to get rid of the consequences of strikes. It was a kind of folk science - an integral part of the patrimonial heritage. And she worked better than any sorcerers and magicians thanks to a common family faith in this own magic.

stones amulets

Let's move on to practice: how to remove the evil eye from a child

We will try to conduct the simplest ritual,which grandmothers in the villages and now their granddaughters recommend. If the kid suddenly started crying, you can not calm him down, then take the holy water. It is recommended that everyone in the house keep it. Slightly pour into a bowl (cup, bowl). Wet your fingers and wash your baby face. At the same time, the Orthodox is recommended to read a prayer. "Our Father" is quite suitable. But wipe the baby with the back side of the hem of his own shirt. This refers to clothing that adjoins the body. Dress, T-shirt, T-shirt and so on. After that, the water that was left in the cup, vyplesnite over the threshold, and go to worship the baby. Veduni say that such a rite is best for the mother to conduct. But if she is afraid or does not believe, then the father, the grandmother or other relative can try. But it must be borne in mind that children cry not only from the evil eye. That is, do not neglect the medical examination of the screamer. If the situation repeats too often, then show it to the doctor.

Working with an adult patient

You know, a person who is exposedenergy attack, it is better to deal with your own aura. First, his efforts will lead to a positive result sooner. Secondly, he then will not share the black energy with those who wish him good. Such a danger exists. If the energy of the magician, who removes the evil eye, is lower than that of the patient, the rite will lead to the spread of the evil eye for two. To remove the described "hole", you can use literally in thousands of ways. Religious people prefer prayer. Take the church candle. Light. While reading the prayer "Our Father", turn your hands to the fire one by one. Through them, the negative will be "burned out." You can also lead a candle around the body. But this requires an assistant. After all, it's hard to bring a lighted candle behind your back. There are more modern methods. We describe one of them.

how to remove the evil eye

Ritual of "knocking out the negative"

The principle is simple.In order to prolong the hole, it is necessary to raise your own energy level to the maximum. For this we need an extreme situation. Any non-trivial emotion leads to an instant increase in the energy level. For example, making love by knocking out a small evil eye. Climb to the roof of the building or the mountain, climb the tree. There, lift your face to the sky and loudly say: "I call the sun, I collect my rays. So that the black evil is changed for good! I will rush to the sky, I'm not afraid of enemies! Everything that hurts me, my soul will win! Amen! "Only shout loudly and strongly, so that with sounds depression comes out. Of course, this method does not suit everyone. Choose only the one that causes absolute trust.

Diagnosis of the problem

Let us briefly touch upon the question of how to verify,whether there is a malefice. For many, this point is important. Although any ritual to remove the evil eye is at the same time a method of purifying the aura. And this is never harmful. But if you want to accurately determine the state of energy, then use an ordinary chicken egg. So do the guides in the villages. Take the egg in your hands. Hold and think about your problems, mentally formulate suspicions. Then break the egg into a jar of water. You need to hold it a little longer. Fifteen minutes, no more. Egg will absorb your energy, navigate through it. After you look in the jar, look what happened. If you see that the protein has risen, there are bubbles above the surface of the water, so there is a malefice. When you see that the yolk has torn, there was blood in it, therefore, the problem is more serious. On you - damage.

bracelet from the evil eye

How to protect yourself from the evil eye

Of course, it's best not to get into a situation,when the energy leaves your field. To do this, there are various amulets. For example, a bracelet from the evil eye. It is made of different materials. Nowadays red woolen thread is popular. It must be tied to the wrist of the left hand by a loving person. Still the girls wear a bracelet from the evil eye of stones of a certain kind. It is believed that it only helps when donated. Stones-amulets are selected according to the horoscope. Every sign of the Zodiac is recommended for its minerals. But absolutely everything for protection is suitable cat's eye and malachite. But there is one condition. Stones-amulets should be natural, and not grown artificially. The latter do not have such strength as natural. This should be taken into account when choosing a mascot.

The power of faith

It is impossible to talk about protection from negativity and notto mention the main egregor on which our ancestors relied. This refers to faith in the Higher Forces or God. It by itself protects the soul from everything black and devilish. It is recommended for people who are prone to frequent attacks from the dark forces, against the evil eye to apply church attributes. We already mentioned that candles and holy water should be in the house. It would be good, it is not easy to store these symbols of faith, but also to use them. Church leaders recommend that candles be lit when there is restlessness on the soul, pray more often. And holy water can be drunk three times each morning. Such a simple ritual forms a protective shell around a person. But when he does not question her existence.

how to check if there is a malefic

About the Guardian Angel

Every person has their ownpatron of the Upper World. Some even have a few. They are usually called guardian angels. You just need to know who protects you. The face of this Saint, that is, the icon, protects from the evil eye. You should buy it and keep it next to you. As a rule, the icon is hung in the bedroom. To her they are treated with prayer for protection and instruction "on the right path". Those who have developed such a habit, do not suffer from evil eye. If a situation of "increased danger" is foreseen, then safely take the icon with you and do not be afraid of anything. She will protect. But, we will repeat, only when you believe in its magical properties. The guardian angel for the baptized is the Saint with the same name. For everyone else - the Virgin.


When you talk about the evil eye, you need to understand thatmany fell under his influence and almost no one died. This is a common problem for a society in which there is a struggle between light and dark forces. Do not be afraid and panic. On the other hand, frivolous attitude to the aura, too, does not lead to good. It is good to understand that the evil eye exists, you can and need to get rid of it. Then life will not be striped, but light and happy. And of course, do not keep evil in your soul so that it does not stick to your energy. This is one of the best ways to protect against evil eye and spoilage. The negative does not stick to angels! Everyone knows this!


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