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Protection from the evil eye - the purity of our thoughts

Sometimes there comes a time when everything fallsfrom the hands, close people cause aggression and anger, they are not lucky at work, relations with dear people begin to crumble for unknown reasons, and health starts to be naughty ... "Someone has jinxed, probably!" they say. Willy-nilly you start to think: "Maybe, really, who has jinxed?" And what is the evil eye and does it really exist? What is protection from the evil eye? Or maybe the cause of our problems is in ourselves? Very often it is easier for us to dump problems on mysterious forces than to understand what is happening.

The evil eye exists, but many do not understand what is the evil eye, corruption and often confuse completely different concepts.

The malefice is an involuntary discharge of a negativeenergy per person (a moment of anger, envy, sudden dislike, etc.). Unintentional jinxes can and relatives, and friends, and strangers in public transport, just envious of appearance, clothes, success or future plans and events.

Corruption is a collection of conscious magical actions and rituals aimed at destroying the vital energy of a person.

Защита от сглаза довольно проста – достаточно believe that you and your plans can not be spoiled or jinxed. You are always stronger in your faith, but if you constantly expect a trick or any mistake to write off on the evil eye - it is quite possible that by your attitude you will attract unkind attention and a bad eye.

If you feel unreasonable ailment(dizziness, thirst, pain in the occipital part or incomprehensible anxiety in the solar plexus zone), feel incomprehensible anger, suddenly lost or broke your favorite thing, do not find a place after sunset - these are the signs of the evil eye. The household evil eye can be removed at home by simple rituals.

  1. Collect all the knives in the house, take two smallcontainers for water, in one poured water. Carefully take the knives in your left hand and, holding them over an empty container, slowly pour water from the second, whispering the prayer "Our Father". Then repeat this two more times, washing the knives with the same water. Wash your face and hands to the elbows, and let them dry yourself.
  2. Drink three sips of holy water with the prayer "Father"our". If the maleficent is malicious, the mother must slip the child's forehead three times, after each time committing a conspiracy from the evil eye: "The evil eye, from where it came - go there. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. " You can wash the baby with holy water and give a sip.
  3. After visiting crowded public places,cemeteries, etc. be sure to take a shower - running water will wash off negative energy. Water in general has the property to wash off the energy dirt, so often do a wet cleaning, especially after visiting your home by undesirable people. After the cemetery, you should thoroughly wash your shoes, wash your clothes and take a shower.
  4. Wear a cross, if you are baptized, or anotheramulet and amulet of your religion is the best defense against the evil eye. Slavs, for example, wear a red woolen thread on their left wrist, a pin on the inside of the clothes, pinned down with the point down (for negative energy to go down to the ground), jewelry made of natural stones. Well protected amulets and amulets, made with their own hands with protective prayers and conspiracies.
  5. Protect the house will help horseshoe or icons above the entrancein the dwelling, aspen under the threshold will not let you enter the house with evil, and a bouquet of thistle in the vase will drive away the small evil dirty people. Acquire in the church shop the icon of St. Cyprian and Ustin, then you will not have to think how to protect yourself from the evil eye.

Но лучшая «профилактика» и защита от сглаза - pure thoughts: do not imagine that you are looking askance at you, do not think that you can be jinxed, do not draw to yourself pictures of your imaginary illnesses, do not burden your mind with thoughts about birth-related curses and spoiling. Thought is material, you yourself are able to draw negative energy to yourself. A spiritually strong person sent by the evil eye simply will not notice, he will not touch him.


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