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If trouble comes into the house: a prayer of drunkenness

prayer of drunkenness

So it turns out that the faith of his wife and motheralcoholics are remembered in the last place. It seems to people that medicine or magic will help. And they forget that "magic" can be created using prayer. But this is the most powerful medicine that heals directly the cause of the ailment, that is, it works with the soul! The prayer of drunkenness helps to eliminate the craving for the potion, penetrating into the depths of the human being. The alcoholic gets rid not of a desire to drink, but of the fact that this persistent desire causes. And the praying herself acquires peace of mind, which, undoubtedly, helps a loved one.

Prayer for drinking daily

I must say that at one time it will not helpno prayer. The treatment of the soul is a long process. To achieve significant results, you need to adopt endless kindness and patience. And the love of a loved one will be your most important helper. It is clear that the prayer against drunkenness is read daily. It is best to start with it every morning. Seek advice to the Monk Moses, who directed the lost. His wisdom will gradually merge into the soul of the alcoholic, revealing his eyes to what is happening. The end of the day is also followed by prayer. In the evening, read Repentance. Do not forget that you can turn to the Lord for help and in your own words.

prayer against drunkenness
Strong prayers from drunkenness

In order to save the drunkard from the ailment,it is recommended to go to the Temple regularly. There, at the Holy Icon, your appeal will be filled with special power. The Church reads a prayer for drunkenness to Saint Boniface. It is considered the most effective. Together with the hope for God's help, one should not forget about other measures. Probably, the best way to which they managed to come up with this uneasy question is to penetrate the depths of the subconscious of the drunkard. Knock on his soul can only a very close person, well aware of his nature. It is about that the Lord sent you in this matter, it is worth to pray in the Temple. If your aspirations are sincere, then without help you will not remain. A prayer of drunkenness will help you to meet those people who will be able to put your shoulder to you! Do not get lost! This is the Lord who responded to your call in this way!

strong prayers from drunkenness
How the prayer is read from drunkenness

Saying the words of addressing the saints, be sureconcentrate on them. It is not necessary to pronounce the learned phrases in a hurry. So grief does not help. You need to understand that your intention should be bright and clear. Naturally, the belief that prayer will help, must also be complete. Doubts here are unacceptable! The power invested in the conversion to the Lord must be great! Do not be shy with this conversation! You can complain about how difficult it is for you to remain humble in this situation. This is understandable: it is very difficult to constantly see how a loved one is ruining himself. Do not forget that prayer is help, both to a drunkard and to you personally. As the saying goes, the Lord does not give the test. Therefore, with the situation you need to fight in two ways: treating a relative, and yourself at the same time!

Tip: Begin every day with the "Our Father". And finish it. The Lord's prayer helps in all difficulties. And believe: everything will turn out!


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