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The Life-Giving Trinity Church in Karacharovo: 200 Years of History and Ministry

Moscow has many old and new churches.All of them with faith and truth strengthen the spiritual life of the capital and the whole country. The life-giving Trinity church in Karacharovo is covered with legends, has served more than 200 years and helps its parishioners in many difficulties.

of the First Trinity Church in Karacharovo

From the Time of Troubles

Chronicle mentions of the village of Karacharovomeet in the descriptions from the second half of the 14th century. In the Time of Troubles, the village was devastated and given up for restoration to Vasily Streshnev, a boyar, who had been working as a tsar.
Being a good business manager, he managed to breathelife in the village, where the Temple of Three Saints stood and founded a new village along the Ryazan road, calling it Karacharovo. The village, or rather, the settlement, consisted of 42 peasant households, centered around the church, consecrated in honor of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Sign".

From 1773 to 1776 at the request of the priests andA stone church of the Life-Giving Trinity was built in Karacharovo. The chapels of the church were not built so quickly, the funds were collected by the whole world. From 1782 to 1837 a chapel was built, consecrated in honor of the Sign of the Most Holy Theotokos and St. Nicholas. The bell tower was erected in the period 1833-1834. According to the legend, the Holy Trinity Church in Karacharovo was the place where Field Marshal Kutuzov prayed for the gift of victory before the “Tarutino maneuver”, which later decided the whole outcome of the Napoleonic campaign.

Since 1917, difficult times have come for faith and temples. The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Karacharovo became one of their refuges for the newly elected Patriarch Tikhon.

temple of the life trinity in karacharovo

Tipping point 1917

The life-giving Trinity Church in Karacharovo continued to feed the flock, despite the complexity. In the mid-thirties, Dmitry Glivenko, who was arrested in 1938, was appointed to the church service.

The reason for the conclusion was the charge of concealmentformer rector of the temple - Peter Kosmodamianskogo. Father Dmitry was captured and executed in March 1938. Before the Great Patriotic War of the Life-Giving Trinity, the temple in Karacharovo was closed.

temple of the life-giving trinity in karachary service schedule


Since the beginning of the 90s the church, after appealsparishioners, was returned to the diocese. The building was in a ruined state: only one tier remained from the bell tower, the dome was decapitated, and a sculptor's workshop worked in the church premises.

Opened and consecrated the temple in late October 1993year, then began a permanent service. To restore the Life-giving Trinity temple in Karacharovo began almost immediately. For the work attracted the parishioners, employees of the institute "Spetsproektrestavratsiya", many made large donations for the repair and restoration of the church.

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Today the Life-giving Trinity Temple inKaracharovo is the current church and historical heritage of Moscow. Over 200 years of the parish's existence help parishioners to feel the connection of times and generations. There are schools at the church:

  • Sunday school for children and youth, wheretraditional subjects are being studied - the Law of God, the scriptures, the history of the Church. In addition, children are engaged in creative workshops, gaining additional skills.
  • School ponomarie. Classes are held for young people who want to link their lives with church ministry in the future.

Actively work in the temple with the youth, helpinginquisitive minds understand the essence of Orthodoxy, acquaint with spiritual literature, conduct conversations. Great work priests and parishioners perform in the field of social work. Areas of concern include:

  • Help for the elderly, care for bed patients.As part of the work, priests come to the house to those who cannot attend services on their own. Volunteers help in the care, buying food and so on.
  • Caring for large families - material assistance is provided with things and products, walks with children, help in organizing time.
  • Assistance to convicts in the colonies - correspondence is carried out, parcels are sent with products, literature and necessary household items.

of the First Trinity Church in Karacharovo

Information for pilgrims

Daily and holiday services are held in the church. We provide for those who wish to visit the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Karacharovo, the schedule of services:

  • Saturday Liturgy begins at 08:00 in the morning.
  • Sunday and festive liturgies are held at 07:00 and 10:00 in the morning.
  • The All-Night Vigil starts on the Sabbath and starts at 17:00.

You can confess 30 minutes before the Divineliturgy. For many, became the refuge of the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Karacharovo. Photos of the church and memorable events tell about the rich, active life of the parish.


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