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The guard-prayer. Protecting prayers for all occasions

Often we in our lives find ourselves in suchsituations where, in our opinion, only a miracle can help us. Not all people can and want to cope with the hardships and troubles that visit them. In search of a way out, people often turn to faith and pray to the Lord that he direct them to the way out of a difficult situation. Believers are pronounced a guard-prayer to prevent the onset of misfortune. Turning at a difficult moment to God, people often do it subconsciously.

protect the prayer

If a person does not know the sacred very welltexts, then prayers always come to the rescue. There are also tips on how to pray properly. Many people use material amulets, which are designed to protect their owner. As knowledgeable people say, the main thing is to believe, and then they will definitely help.

History of prayer

People from ancient times have faithfully believed in the power of the word, anda guard-prayer for several millennia accompanies a person in his life. Through various conspiracies, as well as appeals to deities in which people believed, a man tried to create protection for himself and his loved ones from the dark forces. And this is not an empty phrase: words have power, because they possess a material essence, and this is proved by scientists. If you say certain phrases with faith in them, then they will certainly come true in reality.

saving prayer

The rules of reading the prayer

All prayers are read while observing the sameprinciples, and when they are uttered, certain actions must be taken. Speaking the Holy Names of the Lord and the Virgin, it is necessary to be baptized the same way as when pronouncing the following words: "Father", "Son", "Holy Spirit", "Amen." At the same time, one should read prayer words and be baptized as many times as there are opportunities for this. After prayer, it is recommended that you kiss the cross five times. This figure is chosen for good reason: it is due to the five wounds of Jesus (four from the crucifixion, one from the spear under the ribs).

The main guarding prayers

prayer guarded against spoiling

A protective prayer is read on any subjects, inincluding water, which is drunk and used for washing, thus achieving a curative miracle result. Prayer will always be with you, if you write it on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Any of them must be permeated with your feelings, with a warm and sincere faith - then it will be effective. The words of the guarding prayer: "Do not let me, Lord God, temptation or sorrow or illness over my strength, but deliver them or grant me the strength to transfer them with gratitude."

The most common prayers in defense againsttroubles of any nature contain appeals to Jesus Christ and to the Theotokos (with an appeal to her Cover). In prayer, the words of salvation and help are used. In the same way, in all difficult situations, they turn to their Guardian Angel.

To receive protection from violence in prison, there is a special prayer addressed to Anastasia the Uzozreshitelnitsu. There is another prayer that fills with strength, the righteous Job the Long-suffering.

If you have a long way to go, especially onrailway or plane, then refer to St. Nicholas: it is believed that this prayer - a guard in the road, and Nicholas the Wonderworker protects those who are on the road. The Akathist to St. Nicholas will help you on your journey. It will help in overcoming all the difficulties on the road, such as traffic jams or turbulence in an airplane.

prayer protected the road

Prayer can save from despondency, with the help of ita person can improve his mood and attitude to life, get rid of anguish, anger or sadness. It is especially effective to read such prayers in the morning from 9:00 to 10:00.

Prayer from the evil eye

Protecting a person from the influence of bad energy helps prayer - a guard against the evil eye.The evil eye is a stream of targeted negative information that is created by the emotions of envy or anger. Often, the evil eye happens to be accidental, when harm to a person's health (malaise, a feeling that an evil person desires) is inflicted involuntarily. Prayer from evil eye can protect from bad influence on the energy level. The best effect from its reading comes on Wednesdays and Fridays. One of the options for reading the prayer from the evil eye is to say it to oneself, looking straight into the eyes of a potential offender. The ill-will reacts instantly, and the evil directed at you will not cause harm.

From evil eye very much helps plot on water,performed in the following way: you need to put water in a container, throw a pinch of salt in it, light a match, cross the water with a burning match, three times saying: "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Amen. " Burned part of the match three times to break, throw the broken into the water, and over the water nine times to read the words written below.

"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Amen.Pure blood and heavenly! Save, save the servant of God (name) from every eye, from a bad hour, from a woman's, from a man's, from a child's, from joyful, from hateful, from conspiracy, from negotiation. "

This water is recommended to spray a sick or smoothed person, uttering the aforementioned words, and to drink this water three times a day.

Plot from spoiling

Ward-prayer can help and from induced damage.If you began to pay attention to excessive irritability, a depressed state, poor health, then perhaps the cause is not a bodily illness, but someone's bad impact on you at the energy level. Spoiling is a ritual of black magic, known since ancient times and used by witches in order to weaken the victim and harm her. Victims of spoiling have difficulty sleeping, often nightmares. Against the background of spoilage, diseases can develop, a person is constantly in an anxious state, unbalanced, preoccupied with a premonition of trouble, loses good luck. A good indicator of induced damage is the strange behavior of animals in relation to the injured person: animals fear or exhibit aggression. The attitude of a loved one can change quite dramatically. This may indicate that it was "discarded" from you. Finally, if you find outside objects (at home, at work, on clothes) foreign objects (needles, earth, sand, hair), these can be objects through which damage is induced, which means that you should be vigilant and get rid of them.

prayer guarded against evil

It is difficult to treat spoiling, but prayer is a guard against spoilage- can help restore health. One example of getting rid of an ailment is a conspiracy to water. First, the prayer "Our Father" is read over the water, then the request and address to the saints about their prayer to the Lord, about the forgiveness of the sins of the servant of God (the patient's name), then it is necessary to read the prayer to the Cross, and only after these actions to utter a plot over the water.

Sorcerer's Ward

Prayer "sorokasilny wards" - this is a conspiracy,which is built on the appeal to the forty holy martyrs and provides protection from enemies. Thus troubles and illnesses (including illnesses and spoiling) with the help of this prayer can be discouraged from the whole family. To make this amulet work, no special conditions are necessary. It is enough to purchase the icon "Forty Martyrs of the Holy of Sevastia" and read the amulet over this image of a lit church candle. Protection must be renewed once in six months, this prayer-amulet can be read for amulets and key chains that you can give to your relatives and relatives, so that they carry them with them.

Do not let evil enter your life ...

prayer charms charms

Evil surrounds the person, probably, with the beginning of itadult independent life. Just then there are ill-wishers, envious colleagues at work, public transport with a crowd of sometimes dissatisfied and annoyed people, not to mention rivals in love ... Many sincerely wish us evil, and we must be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones from envy, anger, bad wishes, and the causes of human hatred are many: from your youth to well-being.

Your personal qualities - modesty, restraint anddispassion - sometimes help better than prayers, charms, charms. It is by behaving with restraint, without showing off anything, you can avoid the envy of others. Wish yourself, everyone close to you, and just strangers in the street of happiness - and you will do good, and doing it regularly and with all your heart, you will notice that life around you miraculously changes, and relationships are strengthened. After all, if you want to change something in your life, you have to start with yourself, changing your character, you change the world around him and his attitude towards you. People subconsciously feel the mood and thoughts of others - they can not be fooled. Say daily conspiracy words to improve relationships with people, for example: "My environment is caring and benevolent people", "I love everyone around, and they are me", etc.


If you are a believer, then a crossand a prayer-guard from evil will help you. An excellent protection against bad influence can serve as holy water and prosphora, which are taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Among the prayers, the priests are particularly effective in regard to the Ninth Psalm, which must be read by you before each exit from the house. It is also recommended to read "Prayer for the protection of visible and invisible enemies", "On the multiplication of love", "O hating and offending us." If there is an opportunity, then order for yourself or friends in the church sorokoust "About Health", so that the Lord would keep and help in good endeavors. A very good way to put protection is to order an unsaved psalter about health. This guard-prayer is a round-the-clock protection without interruptions. It is pronounced in monasteries, and it is very strong, softens hearts and propitiates God.

prayer protected from the evil eye

Some effective techniques from bad influence

If frequent contact with people scares you and youafraid of negativity, then an excellent way of protecting is a protective prayer, but one should not forget about behavior. For example, about crossing arms and legs while communicating with strangers. You can also mentally build around yourself a shell in the form of a ball that will protect you, while it is best to imagine that it is purple or silver (it is believed that these colors are optimal in this case). Every time you communicate, imagine that the ball pushes away from you the negative energy of the interlocutor, if it is directed at you.


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