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Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem

In the small town of Magdala, which is locatednot far from Jerusalem, a woman lived. She was alone: ​​no parents, no husband, no children. Her name was Mary Magdalene. She worked in the fish market. Men used her loneliness and dementia, indulging her with love joys. Local residents did not like Maria, threw stones and rotten vegetables into it. There was no one to protect her, she herself was not able to do it. The girl's life changed when Jesus came with his apostles to the city.

Mary is a follower of Christ

The teacher drove out of her seven demons, the thoughts of Magdalenebecame bright, and she followed him, loving her whole soul. In the New Testament, it is written that Jesus also loved Mary, their love was high, spiritual. Mary Magdalene became the first and only disciple of Christ, she carried people his teachings after his death and resurrection.

church of Mary the Magdalene
Maria was present at the execution of her teacher,He held his hand when Jesus was dying, bleeding on the cross. She washed his body and smeared his feet with essential oil. To survive his death, Mary could only deeply believe that Christ will rise again. She first came on the appointed day to his tomb and, noticing that the coffin was empty, burst into tears. Hearing the question: "Why are you crying?" - Maria replied that her lover was buried, but where she does not know. Seeing through her tears that she was talking with Jesus, she was glad and took the good news to the apostles, the people and the ruler.

Gethsemane Convent

Church of St. Mary Magdalene Gethsemane
One of the places where the church of St.Mary Magdalene, - Gethsemane. This Russian Orthodox shrine is the nunnery of the Bethany community of Christ's Resurrection. Alexander Alexander the Third, the Russian emperor, took part in its construction. The Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem was built in the eighteenth century in memory of the mother of Alexander, Maria Alexandrovna. She was a German, but became a Russian empress and adopted Orthodoxy. The heavenly patroness of the queen was Mary Magdalene, therefore the church was sanctified by this name.

Home church of Mary Magdalene

Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Mary was a follower of Jesus Christ andwas his student. Therefore, the main church of Mary Magdalene is in Jerusalem, though it was built in honor of the Russian tsarina. One of the largest canvases depicts Mary, who came to Tibet with a sermon. The legends tell us that it was impossible to get to the importer without gifts. Magdalene was poor, so she brought only a chicken egg to Tibere. She said that Jesus was resurrected. To which the governor laughed, saying that it was impossible to return from the dead, the white egg could turn red. At the same time, the egg in the king's hands became bright red.

Construction of the temple

Church of the Mary of the Magdalene in Jerusalem

Alexander did not choose this place fortemple. The land where the church of St. Mary Magdalene, Gethsemane, or the Garden of Gethsemane now stands, is holy. Buy it advised archimandrite Antonin Kapustin. David Grimm - Russian architect, designed the church. For the construction, the stones of Jerusalem were used, and metal and wood were brought from Russia. Icons and paintings of all the buildings of the temple were made by Russian masters and artists. All the costs were borne by the royal family. The Church of Mary Magdalene was consecrated in the year 1888. The church is located in the center of the city. The convent here appeared much later. It was founded by the Orthodox Englishwomen Maria and Martha in 1934, the first to find peace here and pacification.

The Last Haven of the Empress

Church of the Equal of the Apostles Mary Magdalene
Elizabeth Feodorovna, first entering the church,was amazed at its beauty so that bequeathed to bury itself here, on this earth. And they did, but not at once. Elizabeth along with other royal people was taken by the Bolsheviks to Alapaevsk, where she was destined to die, being thrown into the mine. It happened in 1918. Only two years later, in 1921, the Empress's holy relics were transported to the church of Mary Magdalene.

Sights of the monastery and its land

the church of Mary the Magdalene is located
Church of Mary Magdalene from a distance attractsLook with its white walls and golden domes. There is a monastery at the foot of the Mount of Olives and is surrounded by a garden of Gethsemane. Nearby is the tomb of the Mother of God. You can get to the territory of the temple through the large golden gate, located to the south of the mountain. Go inside, you will see a ladder. This ladder leads to the Gethsemane Grotto, where during the prayers of Christ fell asleep the apostles James, Peter and John. It was at this place that Jesus uttered to all the known words: "Watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation." The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. " The building of the church of Mary is very beautiful and richly tidy, but at the same time captivates with its simplicity. Around there is peace of mind, sublimity and harmony. Cleanliness is maintained here. The garden is well-groomed, there are many trees and flowers in it. Inside everything is quite simple and modest, without excess polish. Above the altar is an image of the Magdalene holding an egg in her hands, brought to the ruler of Tibet. From this story, when the emperor dropped the reddened egg from his hands with the words "Truly Risen!", And the tradition began to paint eggs for Easter.

Where else is the church of Mary Magdalene?

where is the church of Mary the Magdalene
Throughout the world, Christians erected churches in honor ofSt. Mary Magdalene. Great temples and small chapels were built. People who need the help of the Holy One, are ready to pray for hours in her face. There is the Church of Mary Magdalene in Paris, it is really a beautiful place, thousands of pilgrims yearly seek to visit there, along with the Jerusalem temple. Especially many churches of Magdalene are located in Russia: Perm, Moscow, Saratov, Kazan, St. Petersburg.

Temple of Mary Magdalene in St. Petersburg

Where is the church of Mary Magdalene in St. Petersburg? Near the Pavlovsk park. Here passes the basic pilgrimage of the townspeople.

Церковь Равноапостольной Марии Магдалины в the cultural capital of our country was erected many times in the same place. This building is the first building in the city, made of stone. In 1871 there was a hospital on this site, therefore the church was decided to build here. The architect Quarenghi began construction in the presence of Prince Pavel Petrovich - the son of the founder of St. Petersburg, Peter. Finished and consecrated the temple of Gabriel - Metropolitan Petrov. Icons were painted by the Roman painter Kades, and the Russian painter Fyodor Danilov was engaged in wall painting. The Empress Maria Fyodorovna herself was crooning that the interior decoration be distinguished by its splendor and simplicity.

Outside, the church remained strict and unassailable. Nearby buried soldiers who died in the hospital after fighting with the French troops, under the temple itself placed a crypt for foreign ambassadors and ministers.

After the revolution, the hospital became a shoe factory,and the temple was closed in 1931. Church decoration and icons stolen, relics, formerly sacred, defiled, much burned. The largest damage was done to the church's interior paintings by a toy factory, which was located in the building of the church after the Great Patriotic War. Chemical liquids, the vibration of sewing machines used in production, put a fatty point on the original beauty that survived for almost two centuries. Subsequently, the room, once a beautiful church, was empty for a long time. The community achieved its return to itself only in the year nineteen ninety-five. At that time, from the building, there was practically nothing left: the floor was completely absent, the walls were covered with cracks. Since in Russia in the nineties there was a terrible financial situation, there was no question of financing for the restoration of the temple. Until 1998, the Church of Mary Magdalene continued to collapse. Finally, all the wooden partitions rotted, and inside the frescoes appeared fashionable graffiti.

Only by the year 2000 thethe building itself, resumed the service. Also found parts of ancient frescoes and murals on the walls, by today they are practically restored. The relics and icons that belonged to her began to return to the church of Mary Magdalene, which were in all countries of the world from collectors and museums. Now the church has a gilded cross and new domes of the main belfry.


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