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The Hand of Dimitry of Thessaloniki in Moscow

In February this year there was an important event- in Moscow from Greece was delivered the right hand of the Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica. Our veneration goes back to the first years of Christianity in Russia. This saint is considered the patron of the armed forces, and therefore in the year of the 70th Victory the arrival of his relics acquires special significance. The Hand of Demetrius of Thessalonica in Moscow for the first time.

Childhood and youth of Dimitry of Thessalonica

The Hand of Demetrius of Thessalonica

Житие святого повествует о его рождении в the Greek city of Thessaloniki in the III century. Now this city is called Thessaloniki. In addition, the literature often meets his Slavic name - Thessalonica. From him this holy - Solunsky is called. He was born in the family of the Roman proconsul, a secret Christian. In his house church, the boy was baptized. When he grew up, pious parents guided him in the truths of faith. However, we had to hide our commitment to Christ's teaching, since the Roman authorities intensified the persecution of Christians.

When my father passed away, Dimitry was alreadyand received the post of his father, as he was educated, intelligent and of noble origin. His new duties consisted in commanding the military garrison of Thessaloniki and eradicating Christianity. The main threat to the city was represented by the barbarians, who migrated to the Thessaloniki Peninsula in plenty. A curious detail - among the barbarians, most were our ancestors, the Slavs.

Preaching activities among the Gentiles

When the newly appointed proconsul proceededhis duties, he had the order of the emperor - to execute mercilessly all Christians. But Demetrius himself confessed Christ and instead of persecuting the brothers by faith openly engaged in preaching and turned to true faith a lot of people. It is difficult to imagine the wrath of the emperor when he was informed of the activities of Dimitri.

The Hand of the Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica

During this period, the emperor completed a military campaign inThe Black Sea coast and returned to Rome. He changed the route of the army in such a way that on the way to visit Thessaloniki and deal with the apostate, and along with all Christians. The news of the approach of the army reached the rebellious proconsul, and he, knowing that there would be no mercy, began to prepare to adequately accept death. St. Demetrius ordered all his property to be sold, and the money was distributed to the indigent. After this, having imposed a fast, he gave himself up to prayers, in which he asked God to strengthen his spiritual strength.

The end of the life of the saint

Immediately upon arrival in the city, the emperor demandedto himself Demetrius, expecting to hear from him an excuse, but he boldly declared his adherence to the Christian faith. The pagan emperor ordered him to be imprisoned. That night, in the dungeon, the angel came down to St. Dimitri, strengthening and comforting him. In the morning the soldiers sent by the emperor appeared and pierced the body of the saint with spears.

Его верный слуга по имени Лупп собрал полотенцем blood, took off the finger of the murdered ring, which served as a sign of power, and sprinkled it with blood. The ring and everything, on which was the blood of the Great Martyr, gained miraculous power. They Lupp healed the sick and worked miracles. But soon he was captured and also put to death.

Finding the relics

The Hand of Dimitry of Thessaloniki in Moscow

The story of finding the relics of a saint is interesting.Originally they were in Greece, but during the Crusades were kidnapped and taken to Italy. For several centuries there was nothing about them known. And only now, in 1978, they were discovered by archaeologists during excavations of the temple in one Italian city. This discovery shocked the whole Christian world. The relics were returned to Greece, and now the right hand of the Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica is kept in the monastery of Panagia Dovra. From there she was taken to Moscow.

The relics of a saint on the Moscow land

The Ark, in which is the right hand of DemetriusSolunsky, was brought to Moscow by a delegation of the Greek clergy. The head of the delegation was Metropolitan Panteleimon (Kalpakidis). This shrine is not the first time in our country. In previous years, she visited St. Petersburg, Dimitrova and Lugansk. And, finally, the right hand of Dimitry of Thessalonica in Moscow. The queue to it is quite understandable, because it is a unique case to pray before the shrine about granting peace and prosperity to our people. This is especially true in our turbulent times. If you recall the story, then very often from the trouble saved prayers addressed to the saints of God.

In our capital, the airplane on which thethe right hand of Demetrius of Thessalonica, was met by the vicar of the Novospassky monastery, bishop of the Resurrection Savva. Since St. Demetrius is the protector of the defenders of the Fatherland, among the met were veterans, who had the smoke of battles behind them, and young cadets, who are yet to replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Acquaintance of the Greek delegation with Moscow

The Hand of Demetrius of Thessalonica in Moscow, turn

The Greek delegation, which was delivered toMoscow the right hand of Dimitry of Solunsky, visited many monasteries of our capital. For them, it was an opportunity to join the relics of holy saints, stored in Pokrovsky, Don and Danilov monasteries. Many of them were in Moscow for the first time. Representatives of the Greek clergy were admired by the piety of the Russian people and by its reverent attitude to the relics. The hand of Dimitry of Solunsky arrived in Moscow in the winter, and to bow down to her, it was necessary to defend a huge queue in the frost. However, the cold did not stop the pilgrims. On the first day about six thousand people came to the holy relics. In addition, representatives of the Moscow metochion of the Athonite monastery arrived. The hand of Dimitry of Thessalonica was exhibited in the Novospassky Monastery.

In Thessaloniki, in a monastery, where thispriceless relic, bells are sounded, cast in Russia. This is a gift of the Russian Orthodox Church, delivered to Greece in 2013 during the official visit of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill to the Greek Orthodox Church. So the response gift of the Greek church was the right hand of Demetrius of Thessaloniki in Moscow. Photos of the shrine in front of you.

The Hand of Demetrius of Thessaloniki in Moscow, photo

The bells were cast at the Tutaev factory.It should be noted that the famous Romanov bell of the Novospassky Monastery, whose strokes welcomed the guests from Greece, was made by the same masters. The hilt of Dimitry of Thessaloniki in Moscow remained until February 18, and then the plane with a great shrine on board headed for Greece.


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