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Meaning of the Maya name, character and destiny

Not so already and often there is a light and softname of Maya. But it clearly crystallized in the memory of every person thanks to his great bearers. Let's try to understand the meaning of the Maya name.


Each name has its own unique history. As for the Maya name, origin and meaning, there are several interesting hypotheses.

Some researchers believe that it appeared from Sanskrit and means magic, illusion.

According to the second version, his homeland is Ancient Greece, where this name was worn by the goddess of spring.

Also, according to one of the legends in Greek mythology, Maya is a nymph of the mountains.

And another variant of the meaning of the name Maya ishonoring the holiday of solidarity of working people, which is celebrated on the 1st of May. Followers of this option believe that a name arose in the Soviet Union. Indeed, in the Soviet times it became widespread, and even now it remains no less popular.

To the tribe of the Maya Indians, this name has nothing to do with it. The name of Maya is not included in the lists of Orthodox and Catholic saints, therefore its owners have no name-day.

maya meaning of the name character

The Meaning of Maya's Name for a Girl

This name is desirable to name the girl, whose birth date is the sign of the zodiac - Taurus or Gemini.

Although Taurus is difficult to compare with the possessor of such a name, thanks to this sign, such qualities as peace, patience, reliability, benevolence can appear in her character.

With Gemini, Maya has more similarities, but the influence of this sign can make her selfish, nervous, irritable, unstable.

What is usually noticed when naming a childby that name? It is not only very beautiful and euphonious, but also makes an excellent combination with Russian patronymics and surnames. But the choice is often not in his favor, since the name of Maya has few diminutive forms and abbreviations.

As for the nature of the girls named Maya, thenthey are in childhood often capricious, demanding, and arrogant towards their peers. In addition, they tend to change their attachments, so many of their girlfriends shun. Although adults are impressed by the presence of such girls of inner strength and the desire to be a leader. This is especially evident during school hours, where Maya tries to be first in everything.

the meaning of the Maya name for a girl

Years of study

The meaning of the name of Maya, of course, will be reflected in theher success in school. The school program for her is not just a compulsory study, but also an opportunity to demonstrate her talents, superiority in many subjects over her classmates. Even with undoubted abilities, Majechka is very hardworking and patient in preparing homework. Answering the lesson learned, it should shine. Especially bright such girls show themselves in the humanities. They are happy to participate in the Olympics, speaking for the honor of their native school. In the years of study at the institute, the desire to be stronger than others in Maya remains unchanged. In many ways, thanks to a good study of it, then an excellent specialist turns out.

the meaning of the Maya name for the girl and fate

Maya in Adult Life

The meaning of the Maya name for the girl and the fate of herare interrelated. Women - bearer of the name is precisely the features inherent in the young years can achieve success in almost any field. She not only uses the knowledge received by her at school and institute with advantage, but also constantly improves them. Well she manages to work with children. Particularly important is the result of labor. For example, in the field of pedagogy from Maječka you will get an excellent speech therapist. She will do her best to ensure that a child with speech problems eventually becomes a full member of society, like his peers. As a rule, she achieves her. This brings her not only the respect and gratitude of others, but also increases self-esteem. Also, Maya can show her talents in various fields of art. She also takes a lot of time to take care of herself. After all, a strong character is even more emphasized if a woman has a well-groomed appearance.

name of maya meaning of name and destiny

Positive and negative character traits

Just like a person with any other name, a woman named Maya has a very important name and character.

To the positive features of Maya can be attributedsociability. She not only easily finds a common language with other people, but also inspires them with optimism confidence in the embodiment of their bold ideas. This is a very important feature that is useful for successful career building. True, the leading position of the bearer of this name will be interesting exactly as long as it is full of difficulties, the overcoming of which will once again help Maya demonstrate her leadership qualities. But the appearance of the family will allow her to show such qualities as poise and discretion. For her in the joy of showing attention and care for their children and spouse. Also it is pleasant to pamper her with culinary delights not only her family, but also her friends.

To not the best features of Maya's characterto carry jealousy, the manifestation of a sense of ownership in relation to her husband. It is especially unsuccessful for such women to develop relationships with their mother-in-law. The mother of her husband will strive to dominate her not only during their joint living in the home of her mother-in-law, but also later, when the young family will have the opportunity to live on their own. Spoiled by the parent's love in childhood, the adult Mayechka categorically does not accept this attitude toward himself. Therefore, she often has conflicts with her mother-in-law.

maya in family life

Compatibility of Maya name with male names

Maya can get married early, while stillstudent. Of course, as they say, you can not order your heart. But modern youth increasingly tend to be determined by what kind of male name is more suitable for one or another female. Are not an exception and the girls who bear the name of Maya. The meaning of the name and destiny of any person are inseparable. Of course, for Majechka it is important that her chosen one is also versatile, educated, loved children and appreciated the family. It should be an interesting interlocutor, a person, like his other half, seeking career growth. But as regards the name of the future husband, you can identify a number of names that Mayechka should pay attention to:

  • men with names Pavel, Vadim, Victor, Denis, Anatoly can become for Maya a good companion of life;
  • but if a young man will be called Edward, Ilya, Egor, Boris - with them the family may not work out.
name of maya origin and meaning

Maya and her health

As a rule, the bearers of this name havegood health. Problems can arise with their nervous system. This may be due to the fact that Maya is hard at experiencing conflict situations, which may arise from her because of her imperious nature. It can also be a consequence of a defective sleep. After all, Mayechka may well sacrifice the time allotted for rest, so that, for example, it is best to answer a lesson or pass an exam. Maya may also be prone to allergic reactions. At a more mature age, it can be influenced by magnetic storms, causing a headache. Some diseases can be a manifestation of heredity.

Celebrities with the name of Maya

Perseverance, diligence, dedication and other traits to describe the meaning of the Mayan name have helped many women reach outstanding heights in the area they have chosen for themselves.

The whole world applauded the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, People's Artist of the USSR, who, besides her main vocation, became also an outstanding choreographer and teacher.

Many fans were at the magic voice of the deserved artist of the RSFSR, singer Maya Kristalinskaya.

Thanks to her deep analytical mind, the Soviet and Georgian chess player, Maya Chiburdanidze, managed to achieve outstanding success in sport, to become the world chess champion.

And this kind of sport, like figure skating, happened to glorify skaters Maya Belenkaya and Maya Usova.

People's Artist of the RSFSR Maya Bulgakov conquered the audience with talented roles in cinema and theater. Especially successfully she managed to translate the images of the mother.

Another bright representative of the Soviet theater and cinema is Maya Menglet.


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