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Restaurant "Khalif" in Noginsk: menu, photo

The amazing and magical world of the East will open foryou restaurant "Khalif" in Noginsk (Moscow region). Here you can recall the wonderful and dynamic stories from the fairy tales that Scheherazade told. Eastern hospitality and an atmosphere of goodwill instantly envelop any visitor who has glanced in the restaurant "Khalif" in Noginsk. Today we will reveal all the secrets of this amazing institution.

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Restaurant "Khalif" (Noginsk)

Many people like to mark important dates and otherholidays in a cozy place where beautiful music sounds, serve tasty food. In Noginsk there is a restaurant that fully meets all of the above criteria. Exquisite interiors, oriental dances, inexpressible aromas of food, stained glass with paintings - all this will make you forget about all the problems and you will stay here for a long time.

If you decide to celebrate a wedding here, thenmake a very good choice. The staff of the institution will provide you with the necessary assistance in organizing and holding the banquet. You will calculate and choose the most optimal menu for one person, beautifully decorate the hall for the celebration, and also offer photo and video operator services. You can also order an exit party here. Here come fans to dance and perform your favorite song in karaoke. The menu has a large number of hot and cold appetizers, delicious desserts and much more. We will discuss it in more detail below. The restaurant welcomes all guests, even if you come here with children, they are waiting for interesting entertainment in the games room.

Remember the address of the restaurant "Khalifa" in Noginsk: Yubileynaya street, 6. The institution opens at 11 am and works on weekdays until 02.00, and on weekends - until 04.00.

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We will get acquainted with the services offered by the restaurant "Khalif" in Noginsk (photo is presented in the article) to its visitors:

  • delivery of any dishes;
  • free Internet;
  • tasty and varied menu;
  • quality service;
  • hookah hall;
  • holding banquets;
  • field service;
  • free parking;
  • karaoke;
  • weddings;
  • conducting exit registration;
  • presence of a dance floor;
  • children's room;
  • entertainment programs.
    restaurant caliph noginsk photo

Restaurant "Khalif" in Noginsk: the menu

Further we suggest you to get acquainted with the wealth and variety of Azerbaijani and European cuisine offered in this establishment. Let's list some positions and dishes in the menu.

Cold starters:

  • Assorted oriental cheeses.
  • Eggplants with nut stuffing.
  • Veal tongue with horseradish.


Among traditional, which can be found in almost any restaurant: Olivier, Caesar, Greek, etc., in the restaurant Khalif offer branded salads. Now we will tell you about them:

  • "The Caliph". Many readers will be interested to know what is included in its composition. Let's list the ingredients: Bulgarian pepper, fresh cucumbers, roast beef, balsamic sauce and more.
  • "Alpine". It consists of: tomatoes, ham, smoked chicken, cheese.
  • "Tavouk".Its peculiarity is that it is served warm, and also includes leaves of a salad "romano". In the Mediterranean countries, a large number of dishes are prepared because it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

First meal:

  • "Dovga". One of the popular dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine, its peculiarity is that it is cooked cold and with lots of greenery. Irreplaceable dish on a hot day.
  • "Kyufta-Bozbash". To prepare this dish takes the most tender lamb.
  • "Dushbara". Do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying this delicious soup with mint and dumplings.

For lovers of meat dishes, the presentexpanse. After all, only some varieties of shish kebabs on the menu are more than a dozen. A real paradise awaits also lovers of sweets. We list only a few items from the menu: baklava, tiramisu, ice cream, other oriental sweets. Also visitors can order national drinks: matzoni, ayran and real oriental tea, brewed according to a special recipe. The bar chart represents the best wines from Azerbaijan, France, Spain, Chile and other countries of the world. It will be interesting to know that the average bill in the institution is from 1000 rubles.

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Summarizing the above

If you want to have a business meeting orromantic dinner took place in a pleasant atmosphere, then you can safely come to any of the restaurants of the "Khalif" network. Workers of the institution will always come to your aid, and the inexpressible atmosphere of comfort and hospitality will make sure to return here again.


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