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European cuisine: where to buy Worcester sauce

Gourmets, who tried it once, are askedthe question: "Where can I buy a Worcester sauce for cooking at home?" Fortunately, today it is easy to find on the shelves of shops in major cities. If you have never heard of it, do not know what it is and how to use it, then it's time to talk about it.

Homeland Worcester sauce is England.Until now, disputes continue over how to invent this seasoning. According to one of the versions, Lord Marcus Sandy ordered it to his apothecary. During the Bengali expedition, he very much loved the local cuisine and wanted again to feel the unique taste of the dishes.

where to buy Worcester sauce
As a result of long experiments it turned out veryA complex composition, which included about fifty different components. Surprisingly, the ready sauce was liked not only by the customer, but also by many residents of Worcester, a city in whose honor he was named.

Subsequently, for stews, roast beef, fish, hotsnacks, sandwiches began to use just a Worcester sauce. Buy a quality seasoning will help you know the right composition. The traditional recipe was based on tomato paste, to which were added 25 components: walnut extract, tamarind, anchovies, ginger, nutmeg, curry, garlic, mushroom broth and the like.

However, the exact proportions are kept in the strictestsecret, so modern manufacturers make their own variations. If you do not know where to buy a Worcester sauce in your city, try using an online store. But get only known brands to avoid fakes. The most common sauce is Lea and Perrins, only it is considered to be real. The rest is just an imitation of the original recipe.

Worcestershave sauce price
By the way, in our time onlyindustrial production. The modern sauce includes corn syrup, black treacle, vinegar, soy sauce, water, red pepper, tamarinds, anchovies, onions and garlic. The taste of this seasoning is sweet and sweet and quite pleasant.

As for how much a Worcester sauce costs,the price for it fluctuates around 300-350 rubles for 300 ml. Even with regular use of this amount will suffice you for a long time. It's all about concentration, you do not need to add more than 3-7 drops to the dishes.

The place where to buy Worcestersky sauce is best,of course, is the UK. If one of your friends or acquaintances goes to this country, be sure to ask them to bring you such a delicious souvenir. And even more so take a couple of bottles with you, if you yourself are planning a trip to England.

Worcestershave sauce buy
The application of the Worcester sauce is quite wide.For example, try adding a couple drops to a meat marinade or making a Caesar salad. In addition, it is a mandatory component of the cocktail "Bloody Mary".

Not everyone knows that this seasoningIt is also used in Asian cuisine. In China, it can be found in Shanghai and Cantonese cuisines. The recipe of the sauce was developed in Japan, where they are served by a wide variety of dishes.

So, we told you about where to buy a Worcester sauce, how much it costs and how to apply it. Now is the time to start experimenting. Bon Appetit!


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