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VIC pick-up trucks, basic models

In the mid-1990s, the VAZ plant was establishedseveral models of pickups based on the car "Niva". The cars were produced in small series at AvtoVAZ's subsidiaries. Machines were positively received by customers, so the plant continued work on the projects of new cargo-passenger models. Currently, AvtoVAZ offers customers several onboard pick-ups on different platforms.

Development and manufacture of cargo-and-passenger carsconducts the pilot production of AvtoVAZ and the company VAZ-Inter-Service (VIS). All cars have the same power scheme - the front base part of the production car is attached to the frame base of the onboard body. The design of the frame is unified for the whole range of VIS.

Pickup for the village

Passenger cars do notonly in cities, but also in rural areas. Cars with a drive on one axis have insufficient traffic on roads with poor coverage. For such conditions the specialists of the WSI created an on-board pick-up truck 2346.

Pick-up onboard

The base is a chassis VAZ 21213"Niva". The first machines left assembly production in 1996. VIS 2346 is equipped with a double cabin, to which the frame base of the body is attached. Customers can choose between an open body, a body with a plastic cover and an isothermal van. To reduce weight, the platform is almost 1.9 meters long and is made of an aluminum profile. Rear deck flap.

The pickup capacity is almost 0.5 tons atthe volume of the closed van is 3.2 cubic meters. The open platform has a more modest volume - only one cube. Machines are equipped with a motor with a distributed injection and transmission from the standard "Niva", which allow the speed to reach 110 km / h.

Extended version

Many buyers criticized the standard VIS 2346 for a two-seater cabin. In view of these wishes, designers have created a version with an extended cabin.

The first samples of the VIC 23461 pickup truckequipped with a five-seater cabin, similar to an elongated "Niva" model 212180. The cabin was different from the original doors with increased width. Such doors made it easier to pass into the rear row of seats, but they were not a serial part. Therefore, in the series, such a decision was abandoned and the usual details were applied from the standard "Niva".

Pick-up truck 2346

Interior equipment of the salon is completely identical to the VAZ 21213. The fuel reserve is in the tank located under the rear part of the cabin bottom.

As the length of the cabin has increased, the sizeThe cargo platform has decreased by more than 0.6 meters and is only 1.22 meters. There are three options for equipping the platform: an onboard version, with a hard top and an isothermal booth. The isothermal version is available with two options for the thickness of the heat insulator - 30 and 50 mm.

visis 23461 pickup onboard

The transmission units and the 81-hp engine are completely identical to the base SUV model. But because of the weight of the car, the maximum speed of the pickup does not exceed 110 km / h.

Pickup with front-wheel drive

Soon after the start of the serial production of passenger carscar "Lada Granta" the idea arose to create a cargo-and-passenger variant on its basis. The on-board pick-up truck 2349 appeared in 2012. The car is equipped with a double cabin with an interior from the basic equipment of the car "Grant". No changes were left to the seats, the dashboard, the design of door cards.

Pickup on board 2349

The mechanical part of the onboard pick-up consists of87-horsepower gasoline engine and five-speed transmission. The fuel economy parameters and the dynamics of the car fully correspond to the driving regimes in modern cities. The machine has a much higher maneuverability than the all-wheel-drive counterparts.

Equipment options

Pick-up VIS 2349 is equipped with various optionssuperstructures, which allowed to make the car more versatile. The buyer can choose an open or closed awning onboard platform, a simple or isothermal van, a model with an autonomous refrigeration unit. The isothermal van has various options for thermal insulation of the walls. The variant with a hard top is offered in two versions along the length - 1.9 and 2.2 meters.

The most capacious options have a useful body volumeup to 3.2 cubic meters, which is a good indicator for a fairly oversized machine. The maximum carrying capacity is just over 700 kg. The rear suspension of the pickup has an original design and is equipped with leaf springs.


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