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Aromatic plum jam

Once in the gardens ripen plums, thriftymistresses begin to make billets from them. In addition, that the plums are very tasty, they are also rich in vitamins and trace elements. These fruits are a real storehouse of vitamins P, E, B, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and many others. Due to this composition, the sink lowers the pressure, beneficially affects the blood vessels, removes salts and excess water, and has a mild laxative effect. With its help you can clean the body of toxins, get rid of heartburn, improve metabolism, cleanse the blood. Another peculiarity of these fruits is that they practically do not lose their properties during cooking, which means that by welding plum jam you can be sure that besides pleasant taste and aroma we get also a portion of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, jam and jam from plums can be an excellent filling for any baking.

Plum jam.

Ingredients. Plums (1 kg), water (400 grams), sugar depending on the plum variety (1-1,4 kg).

Preparation.Wash the plum, cut into halves and pull out the bones. If jam from whole plums, they must be pricked with a toothpick or several punctures with a fork (this will prevent the appearance of cracks when cooking fruits). For syrup we take sugar, depending on the sweetness of plum 1 kg or 1.4 kg and water (400 grams) and boil. True gourmets can add a few cloves of cloves or a stick of cinnamon to the syrup.

Half of the sink put in a large enamel pot with holes, where there were stones, to the top, and pour it with hot syrup, cover with gauze or a kitchen towel and leave for 7-9 hours.

Put the pan with the plums on the fire, afterhow jam will boil, boil for 10-15 minutes. Take away from the fire and leave for another 7-9 hours. Do this procedure 3 more times, and after each boiling leave the jam to infuse for 7-9 hours. As a result, we will get a plum jam, transparent with whole fruits, whose readiness is checked by a drop (it should not spread).

We sterilize the jars and put them in hot jam, roll them up and let them cool down (we do not need to wrap them).

Plum jam.

Ingredients: plums (10 kg), water (200 ml), sugar depending on taste preferences, ripeness and plum variety (2-5 kg)

Preparation.Plums are washed, we separate bones and cut out worm and damaged areas. Put them in a container, which will cook jam and pour 200 ml of water. Cook on low heat, stirring constantly, until it begins to thicken. Add small portions of sugar, and cook. When the sugar dissolves and the jam becomes thick enough, it can be removed from the fire.

In pre-sterilized jars we lay out hot jam and roll them up with lids.

Likewise, brewed jam without sugar. But that it was tasty, sweet and fragrant, plums should be very ripe and sweet varieties (Renclode, Stanley).

Jam plum with nuts.

Ingredients: walnuts (100-200 gr.), Sugar (1 kg), ripe plums (1 kg), water (100 ml), vanillin. Solution for draining: per kilogram of draining a liter of water and a teaspoon of soda.

Preparation.With washed out plums, remove the stones, put them in a saucepan halves to the top. Stir liter of water with a teaspoon of soda and pour the plums, leave them for 5-8 minutes. This solution neutralizes the excess acid plums and makes them harder, so they will not break apart when cooking.

Plums are thrown in a colander and thoroughly washed with running water. Let's get off.

In a small saucepan with a thick bottom, we preparesyrup, for this, sugar is bred in water and we add walnuts. After the sugar has dissolved, pour a saucepan with plums and boil on a small fire for 45-50 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add vanillin and cook for another 10-15 minutes.

We spread plum jam in pre-sterilized jars and roll them up with lids.


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