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"Beefeater" is a classic dry gin

"Beefeater" is a dry gin, whose homelandis the UK, or rather its capital - London. This strong drink takes leading positions in all ratings for about 150 years. He is recognized as the best in a hundred countries of the world. So we can safely say that the genre "Bifiter" - 1 in the world.

Caloric content and strength of the drink

Этот неимоверно популярный джин имеет крепость 40 degrees, if it was made for the British. But for export the drink comes with 47 degrees, as a standard gin. The fact is that for residents of the foggy Albion 47 degrees is too high a fortress. They prefer weaker drinks.

Gin with less alcohol and calories lower. In a forty-degree gin, 217 calories per 100 ml. That is, the gin "Bifiter" 1 liter contains 2170 calories.

The roots of Beefeater

Many drinks of this class are called"London's dry." But only Bifiter can boast of its history. This is gin, whose native land is England. The first mention of it is dated 1876 year. The progenitor of this popular drink is the pharmacist from Devonshire. This Englishman lived in Canada for a long time. His name is James Barrow.

In 1863, he returned to his homeland and made the most successful acquisition in his life. For all his four hundred pounds, he bought into Chelsea an alcohol factory.

This enterprising person is not only used toTo keep good luck for a tail, but also nurtured ambitious plans. After such a successful acquisition, he conducted enough experiments, mixed all kinds of herbs that could only be obtained. The main goal of James was to create a drink that will be famous throughout the world for another decade.

He achieved his goal, as now "Beefeater" is the number one gin in the world.

The bottle depicts the guard of the Tower of London. We know very few people what exactly these guards Englishmen call Beefehers. Hence the name.

Beefeater is

The production of this legendary geniebelonged to the Barrow dynasty for more than a hundred years. However, at the end of the last century, the brand bought up the titanium of alcohol production, the world-famous campaign Pernod Ricard. But the location of production has not changed, the birthplace of gin has remained London.

Production technology

Apparently, Barrow was not onlypharmacist, his knowledge of botany, too, were quite wide. This is confirmed directly by the genre "Beefeater". It consists of about 10 plants. So only a true specialist could harmoniously combine the bouquet. The composition of this strong drink necessarily includes juniper, or rather - its berries. But here there are also lemon peel, angelica, almonds, coriander and sevillian orange. An exquisite herbal fragrance gives the genie the seeds of angelica and coriander, as well as almonds. From these same plants and characteristic bitterness. Only "Beefeater" has these distinctive qualities.

Bifiter 1 liter

In the production of this genie is used onlyquality wheat-barley alcohol. They are flooded with herbal ingredients and insist 24 hours. Further, the liquid is sent to a vertical distiller and is very slowly distilled. This process lasts no less than seven hours. After all this, the drink is diluted to 40 or 47 degrees. To do this, use only crystal clear water. After that, there is already a bottling.

"Beefeater" is quite an exclusive drink,so do not try to cook it at home. Nothing happens. Recipe "Beefeater" for many years kept in the strictest secrecy. It is not enough to know all the components (and not all are widely available), you also need to strictly observe the proportions, but no one will tell you exactly. The original recipe is kept under lock and key, and only 6 people have access to it.

Work on Beefeater

It is worth adding that work on the recipe is still in progress. The current owners are always trying to improve their English gin.

As a result of this work, new types of beverage became available. They appear almost every year. But their release is strictly limited. There is a gin like "Beefeater 24". It was released in 2009.

Gene Beefeater

К классическим ингредиентам были добавлены цедра grapefruit and Far Eastern tea. But in the summer of 2010 appeared a gin, which included, among other things, berries of black currant, hibiscus and elderberry.

Gene Beefeater 1

Emphasizes the popularity of the gin "Beefeater" photo,which can be seen in the most popular glossy magazines. It is unlikely that you will find at least one men's magazine, which at least once did not post photos of this drink on their pages.

How to serve gin?

This drink is available in various containers. But as practice showed, the most popular container for gin Bifiter is 1 liter.

So, first cool the drink.To do this, either put it in the refrigerator or dilute it with a few ice cubes. Try the gin in its purest form. Even one small sip will instantly burn the mouth.

Please note that gin belongs to the nobledrinks, and he has his own traditions. This applies not only to consumption. If you pay attention, you will notice that the label has not changed radically for many years. This emphasizes the special attitude to traditions.

Gene Beefeater 1 liter

Any quality gin is distinguished by brightjuniper aroma. But only "Bifiter" is marked by a pleasant note of coriander and citrus freshness. In the aftertaste, a pleasant bitterness, which is given by almonds, and the acidity of the lemon, is distinctly heard.

If you do not like spirits, then add more ice to the gin to soften it.

Jin does not combine with all the juices. It is best mixed with grape, apple, orange or grapefruit drinks. An excellent addition to it will be olive.

bifiter photo

For gin use high glasses of squareform. First of all, they spread ice. There goes a slice of lemon, and only after that they pour gin, but very slowly, with a thin trickle, to smoothly dissolve the ice.

How to drink a strong drink?

Since the drink has a high strength, and its taste burns, it is better to drink it in small sips. One glass of gin can be stretched for the whole evening.

If you still decided to dilute the gin, then you need to top up another drink after the genie itself is already in the glass. Most often this alcoholic beverage is diluted 1: 2. But this is strictly a private matter for everyone.

How is it used in folk medicine?

  1. We treat bronchitis. The drink will help to get rid of the cough, becausehas an excellent diluting effect. It also has an expectorant effect. To treat this disease, "Beefeater" should be mixed with a decoction of chamomile in a 1: 2 ratio. Take the drink you need the same way as the cough syrup: three times a day before eating 15 ml each for five days.
  2. Gin and radiculitis will help. It is necessary to mix in equal proportions gin, white juiceradishes and onions. This solution is applied to gauze or cotton wool and attach to the waist for half an hour. The effect will be much better if wrapped with polythene and a warm cloth on top.
  3. Saving from diseases of the throat and ligaments. Mix 400 ml of water with a tablespoon of sugar andboil. Then send the onion and cook until the root is soft. After the mixture has cooled, pour in 50 ml of Beefeater. Take a teaspoon a day.

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