/ / Beef steak: all by the rules. How to cook beef steak?

Beef steak: all by the rules. How to cook beef steak?

What should be the perfect steak?Beginner housewives are unlikely to be able to accurately answer this question, much less describe the entire technology of obtaining a dish. Therefore, useful advice and a step-by-step guide on how to cook beef steak (whole chunk and chopped mass) according to all the rules, presented in this article, will help them as well as possible.

beef steak

Stage one: choose meat

How to make steak beef steakwith a pleasant crispy crust on top and at the same time a tender, slightly pinkish flesh inside? In this case, it should be sufficiently succulent, but not raw (even if with blood). These all the characteristic signs of a perfectly cooked dish can be present only under one condition - correctly chosen meat. Let's list the main recommendations and rules that you need to consider when buying a product:

  • the most delicious dish is made from young beef or veal;
  • Do not use frozen pieces, the product should be fresh and chilled;
  • it is desirable to cook a steak from certain loins of carcass with tender meat, bone patches (ribs, etc. do not use);
  • not suitable for slicing sinewy pieces;
  • if possible, choose meat without films on its surface;
  • orient on the approximate thickness of the future steak - from 3 to 4 cm;
  • Sliced ​​pieces should be approximately the same.

beef steak in the oven

Stage two: preliminary preparation of meat

If the beef steak will be preparedfrom not very young meat, it is necessary to properly process it in advance. To do this, each of the sliced ​​pieces cover with a food film, and then lightly beat off with a kitchen hammer on both sides. This is done to ensure that the structure of the fibers becomes more tender and malleable to frying. After a short rest, rub a mixture of pepper and salt into the pulp. This treatment with spices is also recommended for young meat. Salt has the property of retaining moisture, making the dish when frying is even juicier. Therefore, processed semi-finished products should be allowed to lie in a cool place for at least an hour and a half. In addition to ground pepper, you can use other spices, depending on taste preferences: cayenne pepper, oregano, Provence herbs, coriander, dried basil, etc. It is not necessary to wash off the salt layer before cooking. Yes, and with the observance of the norms of the products used, this is not required, since the whole flavored mass will be absorbed into the meat.

Stage three: frying pieces

beef steak

So, the preliminary training was conducted infull: the meat is cut, discarded (if necessary), sprinkled with salt and spices. Now you can start frying. Since usually a beef steak is served immediately, as they say, "with a heat, with a heat," preparation of meat things is done immediately before serving the table. For frying, it is best to use purified vegetable oil without a characteristic odor. Pour it into a frying pan with a thick bottom and put it on the fire. After warming up, you can start cooking. Before this, always pat each piece with a paper towel to remove excess juice. As soon as a small smoke appears over the frying pan, lower the cut preforms into the preheated oil. After browning, turn the steak over and continue the frying. The fire should be average, as with a decrease, juice will start to be allocated, which will make all work problematic. Do not fill the frying pan in several pieces. It is better to do frying two or three times at a time.

how to cook beef steak

Cooking beef steak in the oven

Of course, the best usefrying cupboard is the presence of a grill in it. Then you can not worry about turning over pieces. In a simple oven, baking is carried out in stages, especially if the products from the top lightly blush. For better circulation, use a grate. Lay on it cut and grated spices. Bake until lightly bruised. Typically, this pretreatment is carried out with hard meat. Young beef will be enough just to fry in oil in a frying pan. That the baked pieces had a normal appearance, after extraction them from an oven it is possible to spend preparation by a traditional way. This means frying in oil in a frying pan at high heat until a pleasant ruddy crust is obtained. This way you can prepare semi-finished products in advance, and then, if necessary, quickly bring them to readiness and serve on the table in a hot appetizing form.

Can I cook chopped beef steak from beef?

beef steak recipe

Бывают ситуации, когда имеющееся мясо не подлежит division into portions, because it is cut from an unsuitable fragment of the carcass or consists of several separate parts. Then cook chopped beef steak from beef. Of course, in its essence it turns out to be a completely different dish, but outwardly they are both very similar to each other due to the flat form of the ready fried pieces. How to achieve not only an attractive roasted outside dish, but also the taste typical for steaks? For this, it is preferable to turn beef into minced meat not with the help of a meat grinder, but with a rather sharp knife. Try finely chop the product into a ground mass, and then add a few accompanying ingredients (onion, bread, egg, etc.). Mixture for the obligatory keeping in the future the shape of the bitlets during frying should be carefully mixed, slightly beating. If desired, chopped steaks can also be rolled in flour.

Steak steak with mushrooms recipe

One of the original ways of cookingis the addition of any additional ingredient to the meat mass. This recipe for beef steak provides for the use of mushrooms. Take 100 g of champignons, clean them and finely chop. Beef (500 g) without veins and films, chop with a sharp knife to get a smooth and even mass. If the meat is harsh, mix it in a meat grinder with medium grate. Combine the resulting minced meat with mushrooms, beat one egg and season with salt and various spices. Then thoroughly mix it, slightly beating off. Form a mass of flat round beads and lightly roll them in flour. Then fry each steak on the hot oil until a crust is formed on all sides. Serve hot, sprinkled with plenty of greens. Use fresh or boiled vegetables as a side dish. You can pour on top of a spicy sauce and sprinkle with pickled onions in vinegar. A hearty, tasty and mouth-watering dish is ready!


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