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Wine "Villa Victoria": reviews and photos

Wine is a fairly common alcoholicdrink, which is used by men and women all over the world. Many argue that it is born still in the vineyard, where nature itself created the conditions for the appearance of a noble, exquisite taste. Clean air, sun rays, freshness of lakes - all this fills the vine with a huge natural strength.

In Russia, one of the most widespread alcoholdrinks is the wine "Villa Victoria", which is a sample of the modern "chateau". Produce it in the Semigorye, in a place that is a natural masterpiece. The drink is characterized by a combination of properties of climate, soil and terrain, where the grapes grow.

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A bit of history

Not so long ago, the wine "VillaVictoria ", a photo of which you can see in our article.The history of it has many interesting moments: for example, on the place where the vineyards were to be planted, a bell was found that produced an unusual sound. And it appeared there in the nineteenth century, after the end of the war in the Caucasus.

At that time colonists settled herevillages and farms were founded. The inhabitants of one of the farms, where Segomie is now located, were engaged in viticulture. The people then believed in God and called their farm the Church. People ordered bells for themselves, the ringing of which would warn about the time of prayer. This bell also gave the name to the wines from this vineyard.

"Villa Victoria" - wine that is hisproducer S. Yanov named in honor of his wife. He created his own enterprise with the conviction that it is necessary to respect the surrounding nature. The first grapes were harvested here in 2011, it was a variety of Sauvignon Blanc.

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Wine "Villa Victoria": an overview

On the described vineyards grow berriessuch varieties as Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, as well as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris. Of these, and make wine, which is appreciated by both domestic and foreign critics.

It should be noted that all products of the companyhas a rating above eighty points. All wines are well combined with pates, white meat dishes, cheeses, fish and light snacks. Wine "Villa Victoria" has a straw color with the presence of a flesh tinge.

The aroma of the drink is fruity, contains shadesflowers, pepper, lime and honey. The taste of alcohol is full, fresh and enveloping, acidity is felt in combination with sweetness, aftertaste is prolonged creamy or mineral. The wine is served at a temperature of twelve degrees Celsius.

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Production technology

Exquisite wine "Villa Victoria", reviews aboutwhich is confirmed by its excellent taste characteristics, is made from carefully selected grapes, from those vines that have turned three years old. It is being prepared on modern equipment using resource-saving technologies.

The berries are ground, the resulting wort is left forfermentation on the mash. The mass is stirred periodically. After completion of the fermentation process, 40% of the wine is kept in wooden barrels, and the rest is in stainless steel barrels. Exposure is carried out for eight months, after which the wine "Villa Victoria" is bottled. Drink is obtained with a fortress of thirteen degrees and velvety aftertaste. The production of this alcohol is ecological, the conservation of resources is observed.

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Composition, nutritional value, price, storage conditions

"Villa Victoria" produces mainly varietal wines, and only two specimens are assembled, that are produced under the brand name "Sofia". They are named after the granddaughter of the head of the company.

The shelf life of all wines is unlimited, withproper storage conditions. And it should be stored in dry, dark rooms, where there are no extraneous odors, at a temperature of no higher than twenty degrees Celsius.

Wine "Villa Victoria" can contain in itscomposition of different varieties of grapes, and no harmful substances were found. The fortress of all drinks is thirteen degrees, the nutritional value is 60 kilocalories per 100 grams of alcohol. This is due to the fact that all wines are dry.

There are no food additives in the drink.It is produced in bottles of 750 grams, and the price of one bottle is approximately 850 rubles. Currently, the company produces two lines of wine, which includes nine drinks with different names.

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Today Russian wines are popularthe consumer. So, the wine "Villa Victoria", customer reviews have positive. Some buyers note the full soft taste of the drink, containing notes of flowers and fruits, honey and oak. The aftertaste of wine is also pleasing, it is long and light. Feel the notes of cream and caramel.

The aroma of an alcoholic beverage, according to reviews,quite pleasant, fruity in combination with a floral one. The cost of one bottle of this wine, as most agree, is acceptable, almost everyone can buy it.

Currently, the company "VillaVictoria "has numerous awards at the most prestigious competitions both in Russia and abroad.These alcoholic beverages are constantly participating in various exhibitions.

The company has a license, so you canmeet in many restaurants and shops of the Kuban, it also has its own store located directly on the road. The company constantly organizes excursions and tastings, so it has many fans among Russians. Many experts say that the "Villa Victoria" wines by their characteristics are in no way inferior to the drinks of European producers, which are made in certain regions, which are considered ideal for making such drinks.

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Finally ...

The Yanovo family realized its idea and createdeconomy of the Burgundian style. The wine is produced at the highest situated winery of the Anapa Valley, near Semigorye, at an altitude of 290 meters above sea level.

By the way, the manufacturer is considering an optionplanting of vineyards is even higher. Originally, 51 hectares of vineyards were planted, but only 39 hectares were planted. All seedlings are purchased in France.

"Villa Victoria" is aimed at productionhigh-quality drinks. The company, albeit young, managed to declare itself on the wine market, gathering a circle of admirers of good wines. To date, each connoisseur can find the right wine for himself, which has an acceptable cost.

FROM.Yanov notes the most titled wine - "Cabernet Fan", which claims to be the best in Russia. This complex drink has velvety tannins and a long shelf life (more than fifteen years). Drink from Pinot Noir grapes turns out to be original, it fits well with shish kebab and Caucasian dishes. He has a lot of fans.


Thus, at present the wine marketRussia flourishes, a large number of high-quality alcoholic beverages are produced every year, which has an exquisite and unique taste. They have a lot of fans all over the country. The company continues to develop and prosper.


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