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Diameters of steel pipes and features of installation of the pipeline in modern houses

Modern technologies are developed at such a highlevel that even a person without special education and knowledge can easily build their own home. The main thing is to observe the most important rules when performing these works. For example, choose the appropriate diameters of steel pipes. Then the water supply will be all right.

Installation of water supply. Features

Pipes made of PVC and galvanized steel pipes -The most common designs that are most often used for installation of piping in homes. If the installation is to be carried out outside the building, then the bituminized steel pipes are most suitable. The diameters of steel pipes in this case can be completely different. For joining PVC pipes, glue is usually used, steel pipes are connected using a fitting.

pipe steel diameter 50

First the waterway route is broken.In addition, the holes in the walls and ceiling are marked, fixing elements are installed. The number of turns and bends throughout the pipeline must be kept to a minimum. But it is permissible to make a slight slope horizontally, this allows, if necessary, to drain water from the system. In this case, the diameters of steel pipes can be changed to some extent, so that the system meets all the requirements.

After that, the fastener is installed, pre-punched holes in the building structures. Then the pipes can be prepared for laying, the preparatory work is finished.

Next steps

First of all, it is necessary to measure the distance tobranching or the middle of the first turn of the pipe from the already existing place of connection to the apparatus. Only after performing this action, it is possible to prepare a section of the pipeline with a suitable length. The diameters of the steel pipes must also correspond to the other elements.

diameters of steel pipes

In order to screw a piece of pipe into that oranother site, use a pipe wrench, it is put on the pipe, trying to approach as close as possible to the connection. The pipe is fixed by the bracket after the connection has been completed. If there are extra elements left, they are removed using the most common hacksaw. So all sections are laid, successively.

When the work is completed, the pipeline followsunder high pressure. It should be 1.3 times the normal working class. Pipes must withstand it for ten minutes. Only after the tests have been carried out, the holes in the walls and ceiling are sealed with a special solution. This rule applies to any pipes equally, even a steel pipe "diameter of 20 centimeters" does not become an exception.

How is sewerage installed?

If an open gasket is used, then morepolyvinylchloride and polyethylene pipes are suitable. But when you need to organize a system under the ground, it is better to use ceramic products. If we talk about the risers, they are mounted from the bottom up.

pipe steel diameter 20

The coupling must be upward facinginstalled part of the water supply. Laying the pipelines in the basement is the first step, from which the sewerage installation always begins. The sections must be firmly connected with each other, then lifted upwards.

After that, the coupling is sealed, a part of the pipelines is fixed by means of clamps or clamps. It is necessary to fasten all paved lines, steel pipe "diameter 50 centimeters "also requires additionalverification. In addition, it is now possible to first mount the pipeline, and then install the finished assembly. This method is especially relevant if it is a horizontal arrangement of the pipeline itself. Close the ends with cork from the tree so that they do not clog.


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