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The situation in the real estate market in Rostov

Although the proposals of banks for those who want to buy housingthe mortgage is quite attractive, not all Russians can afford to sign a contract that will oblige them to make regular payments for eight or more years. Therefore, advertisements are still in demand for renting one-, two- and three-room apartments for a long term in Rostov.

Real Estate Market Analyst A.Chumakov notes that after the financial crisis that erupted in 2008, in some regions of Russia the cost of square meters is gradually increasing, while the incomes, if not diminishing, at least remain at the pre-crisis level. In this case, the mortgage is regarded by many as a real alternative to renting an apartment in a prestigious area. They say that the size of payments for mortgages and for rent is about the same, but when buying on credit there is an important advantage - real estate passes into the possession of a person. therefore buy an apartment in Rostov prefer those who can collect all the necessary documents and prove that in the coming years he is able to repay the debt.

However, some citizens can not count onthis kind of development of events, they have to look for where in Rostov inexpensive apartments are rented. It should be remembered that one-room apartment can be rented for 15-20 thousand rubles (average price), two-room apartment - for 20-30 thousand rubles, three-room apartment - for 25-40 thousand rubles. For comparison: mortgage payments are 19-22 thousand rubles for 15 years. The greatest demand for both purchases and leases has "odnushki", according to A. Chumakov in September 2013, about 60% of users were interested in this category of real estate. Demand for "kopeck piece" was slightly more than 22%, for two-bedroom apartments - 6.15%. Part Rostovites were interested in communal services - almost 7%, and gostinkami - almost 4%.

The reason that forces Rostov to take offan apartment in Rostov, and not buy, they also consider that when you make a mortgage you need to make an initial contribution, which is a certain percentage of the total value of the property. Not all can immediately pay a large amount, so they have nothing else to do but choose the best option for rent.

Therefore, a universal solution in dispute, whichThe same way: rent or purchase on a mortgage - to choose, does not really exist. It depends on many factors, such as financial stability, the need for a certain footage, the desire to get housing as quickly as possible and so on.


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