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Champagne color - the color of the day

Probably, experts know, than the color differsChampagne from the color of melted milk, butter, pear, ivory or egg shell. Well, he is not transparent, in fact, like champagne. And there is still the color of bird's milk, vanilla and just cream, the so-called beige.

champagne color

Festive drink

Of course, every color has dozensshades, but, perhaps, we can admit the seditious idea that some bright names of the same color come into fashion. Of course, the color of champagne sounds more modern and much more pleasant than the color of the "egg shell". It reminds of a joyous excitement from a glass of champagne, a holiday and, finally, the French province of Champagne, from where the drink comes from. Grapes here began to grow on the recommendation of Charlemagne, that is, from the beginning of the IX century. In this winery, known throughout the world, the province is dominated by a variety of Chardonnay - a classic variety of white grapes. From it and produce a sparkling drink, which is a symbol of the most solemn and joyful minutes in the life of the overwhelming number of inhabitants of our planet.

Fashionable, which means, beautiful and desirable

with what color champagne is combined
But after all, the color of ivory was once fashionable(ayvory) and jewelry from this bone, however, as well as from mammoth, look very nicely on dark velvet and now. And the phrase "melted milk" generally sounds nice to the ear, it reminds a warm cozy house in the village. But now the color of champagne is fashionable - and it's wonderful. In wide access you can see stunning dresses for brides, interiors of exquisite rooms, made in this color, which is called the color of the day. That is, he is archimodal. You can read the statement that this color is saturated and multifaceted, moreover, that it is self-sufficient. As if a person would not look sad if his outfit and accessories to him were just this color. There is nothing to object. But if a person is "all in white" - this is also not boring. And Ray Bradbury has the story "A wonderful suit of creamy ice cream". And yet the color of champagne is now fashionable, it really pleases like champagne.

With what is combined

Champagne is very beautiful and recognizable, in it, unlikefrom all the above shades, more tender yellow color. Despite the assertions about its self-sufficiency, when decorating interiors tone shades are necessary. What color is the champagne mixed with? You can easily imagine how beautiful it is in harmony with all shades of brown, it is good in combination with coral and terracotta. And, of course, it harmonizes all the pastel colors. When a shade becomes fashionable, it penetrates everywhere - clothes and interiors, cosmetics, nail polish and hair dye - everything that is painted in this color becomes refined and elegant.

And the hair is also beautiful ...

Paint Color Champagne
The color of the champagne paint is now very popular.There is a hair coloring agent called "Champagne Cocktail" or "Crystal Champagne" or "Blonde Champagne Color". Fantasy producers are very inventive.

As noted above, this color penetrated almostall spheres of human life. However, he finds the widest application in the field of manufacturing of ball dresses and wedding toilets. Similarity with champagne along can give "foamy" plumes. For several seasons this noble-aristocratic color prevails over traditionally white. However, we must take into account the fact that the most spectacular dress of this shade will look like tanned brunettes. Most brides prefer to sew not only an outfit of this color, but also the whole wedding to withstand the color of champagne, which can give a fabulous atmosphere to the celebration. It should be noted that wedding dresses of this color are known from ancient times, but they were made only for rich and noble brides.

Metallic color - a touch of modernity

color champagne metallic
The design of the kitchens uses colorchampagne-metallic. What it is? In metallic there is aluminum powder, which provides shine and light reflection. If you add metallic to any conventional paint, the resultant color will become more interesting, albeit cold. Undoubtedly, the interior, sustained in such tone, is unusually aristocratic. But the color of champagne-metallic is by no means golden - it is more tender and lighter than gold, although this precious metal is very much in tune with the fashionable shade. The dress of champagne color can be decorated with "golden" ribbons, sequins and flowers - it will only become brighter and more luxurious. Gold jewelry will harmoniously complement such a dress. The color of champagne is so popular that, according to rumors, Apple wants to use it in the name of its latest iPhone.


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