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Electric cars in Russia: the pros and cons

Everything new is a well-forgotten old.So, it would seem, the modern concept of electric vehicle became known in the middle of the XIX century. Electric cars in Russia first appeared in 1899. They were designed by the then famous engineer Ippolit Romanov, and he borrowed the idea of ​​how to make an electric car from Morris Salom from American manufacturers.

So what is an electric car? It is a machine that is driven not by an internal combustion engine, but by an autonomous electric power source.

electric cars in Russia
To date, electric vehicles in Russiacar market represented by only three models: Mitsubishi i-MiEV, VAZ Ellada, van Edison or Ford Transit. Other well-known manufacturers are still in no hurry to export their electric cars to Russia. Therefore, the question of where to buy an electric car, in many respects causes difficulty.

Electric cars in Russia - the question of charging?

The car is charged at special charging stations via an adapter. To fully charge the electric car will take no more than half an hour.

There is an opportunity to "fill" an electric vehicle inhome conditions using a special charger from a simple outlet. The only drawback - the process can drag on for several hours, but the obvious plus - the ability to recharge anywhere and not depend on the "filling station".

Duration of the trip

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Today, one of the weakest links in thethe use of electric vehicles is the maximum amount of time available for travel from one charge. According to the declared figures of the manufacturers of electric cars, the run on full charge is: Renault Twizy - 100 km, Mitsubishi i-MiEV - 160 km, VAZ Ellada - 150 km, Nissan Leaf - 175 km.

At first sight this is quite enough forday trip around the city from home to work and back. But after all the car is necessary not only for moving in city boundaries, it would be desirable to go and on a summer residence, to visit friends in other city or to leave on the nature. And for these purposes, 150 km is a catastrophically miserable figure. Is not it?

In addition, a significant part of the energy (up to 40%),is lost for standing in traffic jams or traffic lights, air conditioning, heating, use of the audio system, etc. All this makes you wonder whether it's worth buying an expensive device, then to languish in traffic jams, thinking about how to get to the outlet or home.

Question price

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According to many experts of electric cars forfunctionality and characteristics do not differ much from the usual car. But prices, which on average fluctuate in the range of 1.2-1.8 million rubles, can plunge the average citizen into shock. This is when you consider that for the same money you can buy two or even three modern non-electric cars that are not inferior in terms of a set of options and security. Although many believe that money is quickly repelled by the difference in fuel. But everything is far from as rosy as it may seem.

Summing up

Advantages of these cars, such as environmental friendlinessand fuel economy, can not cut off the costs of maintenance and operation. In addition, the price of electric vehicles in comparison with other conventional cars running on fuel is much higher, which also can not be called a big plus.

If you look from a different perspective, then todayelectric cars in Russia may not be very popular, but without a doubt the future behind them. Sooner or later the price will fall, they will become fast and will be able to travel thousands of kilometers on one charge.


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