/ / Meaning of the word "zealous": synonyms, antonyms

The meaning of the word "zealous": synonyms, antonyms

The meaning of the word "zealous", synonyms and antonyms to it, examples of use - the topic of the article.

the meaning of the word is zealous


Vladimir Dal explains the meaning of the word "zealous"as follows: hot, quick-tempered, impetuous and zealous. This adjective is applicable to a person in the event that the text previously mentioned his actions. For example:

  • zealous defender (he furiously defended someone);
  • a zealous supporter (he selflessly defended his point of view);
  • zealous hunter (zealously hunted).
  • zealous participant (enthusiastically took part in something).

This adjective is not used to describepersonality traits. It characterizes the attitude to some action, occupation. But fiction does not recognize any stylistic norms. In such texts, the word "zealous" can occur in any variants. It is worth saying that this adjective is inherent in the artistic style.

zealously the meaning of the word


Какие понятие противоположны по смыслу наречию "zealously"? The meaning of the word - passionate, fierce, quick-tempered, energetic, active. Each of these words serves as a synonym in a certain context. For example, a person can take part both zealously and actively.

In the literary texts there is both the adverb "zealously" and the words that are one-root to it. Examples:

  1. For the foundation of the school, the enlighteners who arrived arrived surprisingly zealously.
  2. He had to curb the zeal of his bay horse.
  3. Without his zealous support, nothing could be achieved.
  4. She zealously defended her convictions even after she lost her last defender.


Opposite to this word: lazy, passive. To the dialect you can pick up such antonyms as "reluctantly," "languidly," "without enthusiasm." Examples:

  1. She zealously rejected all his proposals, and he languidly insisted on his own.
  2. Players are pretty tired and turned from zealous participants into passive observers.

Now you understand the meaning of the word "zealous."


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