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Torres Lolita: biography, interesting facts, photo

Torres Lolita - the famous Argentine actress,a brilliant career which began in the middle of the last century. Beatrice Mariana Torres is the full name of a wonderful singer, who was incredibly popular not only in her homeland.

Sincere and grateful fans

Torres Lolita - the surname and name of a foreign actress,whose popularity in the Soviet Union was simply colossal. Immediately after the war, huge queues of "captured" films were built in theaters - Tarzan, Bagdatsky Thief, Gas Light, and the tapes with Dina Durbin and Charlie Chaplin were in demand. But several Argentine bands with Lolita Torres in the title role, purchased in the 50's, were more than just popular. Songs from the movie "The Age of Love" was sung by more than one generation of Soviet spectators.

Torres Lolita

Sounds of the songs "If you look into my eyes ..." and"Coimbra" poured out of every window, the girls were often called by the name of their beloved and unsurpassed foreign actress, whom the inhabitants of our country wrote thousands of letters.

Radiant Star

Lolita Torres in those days was, if possible sowill be expressed, the national heroine of our country. Such films as "Love at first sight", "The Bridegroom for Laura" and "The Age of Love" were watched and reviewed several times. She herself was amazed at her popularity, but the journalists explained to her that in the country, which suffered so much hardship and suffering, in the post-war period, they really needed holiday spectacles. A cheerful, beautiful, with an amazing figure and dimples on the cheeks and selection Lolita Torres like no one else fell in taste to the Soviet audience. People of the older generation remember the above three films by heart.

Happy creative biography

The first time she visited our country in 1963, came as a guest at the III Moscow International Film Festival.

lolita torres

14 times this actress came to the Soviet Union withvisit, and from 1972 to 1987 she had six major tours to Russia in our country in our country. But in her homeland she was in high demand, and in 2002, shortly before her death, she was declared not just an honorable but an outstanding citizen of Buenos Aires.

Family actresses

Beatriz Mariana was born in 1930, on March 26.Became later an outstanding actress and singer Torres Lolita, whose biography began in the city of Avelana, from early childhood (in some articles it is said about the 5-year-old age, in others - about 7-year-old) performed on stage performing folk dances. And she sang from childhood. The family was patriarchal, strict morals. Being the star and the highest paid actress in Argentina, Lolita Torres could not and could not step without the permission of her father Pedro Torres, who was a telegraph operator on the railway. The mother of the future star died early, at the age of 33 she fell off the cliff, to the top of which they traveled with her daughter. Her girlfriend Lolita, known to the whole world, owes her uncle Ector.


The favorite of the whole family from the age of 12begins to perform on the stage of the theater of Buenos Aires, and at the age of 14 Lolita Torres, a biography, whose filmography is given in the article, first appeared in a movie. The film of 1944 was called "Dance of Destiny". In total, she starred in 17 paintings.

 Lolita Torres biography

But none of them was passing through, and eachbrought the singer glory, fame and money. The second picture comes out in a rental after seven years, in 1951, and is called "In the rhythm of salt and pepper." Then Lolita Torres is shot almost every year. Her most famous film, which brought her world fame, was released in 1954, and he was called The Age of Love. The last picture, released in rental in 1974, was called "There, in the north."

Tragic page

Always Lolita Torres was very active inscene, went with concerts and acted in television productions. The last of them was the autobiographical family telenovela, which was on TV screens for 1.5 months in 1993. It was called "Give it to him, Lola." In the Soviet Union, it was not accepted to savor the details of the family life of movie stars, but the fact that beloved actress Lolita Torres married a pilot (1957), and after a short time (1959), he crashed in a car crash, many in the USSR and mourned with his beloved star. From the first marriage there was a son.

Interesting Facts

In the names of the films in which Lolita playedTorres, very often there is the word "love" - ​​"The enamored teacher" (1961), "Forty years of love" (1963). All of them were musical, in which the actress perfectly sang and danced, they were all funny, funny and cheerful, and love always won in them. Therefore, they are in demand and now - on the web very often look through musical excerpts, especially with songs from "The Age of Love".

The singer recorded her first gramophone record in 1944 and until 1957 she released 47 more, on which 94 songs were recorded. And from 1962 to 1991, another 20 LPs were issued, but they were already long-playing.

Happy mother

After a while, the actress marries the faithfulfriend of her husband, who fell in love with her at first sight. With Julio Cesra Caccia they had four children. Lolita Torres is also famous for the fact that one of her sons, Diego, became a very popular singer.

torres lolita photo

Two more children followed in the footsteps of their mother, choosingacting career. And one daughter became a famous ballerina. Until his death, Torres Lolita (photo attached) was a beautiful, elegant and attractive woman. She died in 2002 in Buenos Aires.


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