/ / In an abundance of chases and fights of the movie "Death Race 2" the actors placed the drama

In the abundance of the pursuit and fights of the movie "Death Race 2" the actors placed the drama

In the movie "Death Race 2" actors and director tried to repeat or even surpass the success of the first film at the box office. Despite the indignation of the critics, they succeeded.


The film "Death Race 2:Frankenstein alive "prepared the audience for an even more intrigue in the plot: The rampant crime after the economic crisis led to overcrowding in prisons, and all prisoners have to provide for themselves. The state can no longer support them.

In one of these prisons for earning prisonersit is necessary for television to participate in fights without rules. And here comes Karl, who is known as an excellent driver, for trying to rob a bank. The hero with all his strength refuses to fight at first. But later he will have to rescue his friend, and the guy goes to fight. However, he will be lucky, and soon to be replaced by fights, to increase the rating on television will come a new and even more violent match. This time, the protagonist will have the opportunity to prove himself in his favorite business.

deadly race 2 actors

In the action movie "Death Races 2" the actors placed their heroes in a state of utmost tension, intrigue does not allow to relax and the viewer for viewing.

Shawn Bin

Sean was only 22 years old began to study actingmastery at the Royal Dramatic Academy, but already then the British actor showed his talents to the teachers. Before that he changed several professions and studied art in a prestigious college.

Sean Bean was born in 1959 in a poor neighborhood. But to his parents the family business allowed to provide the son and one more child with everything necessary for training and education.

The future eminent actor made the first steps todirection to the "red carpet" accidentally. In college, he by mistake turned out to be in the wrong audience and for the first time in his life attended a lecture on art. From that day the young man could not think of anything else. He decided on the choice of profession and at the age of 25 performed the first role in the cinema. This was followed by another 33 years of acting career on the big screen.

deadly race 2 frankenstein alive

His work in the movie "Death Race 2"actors over time will be called very interesting for the abundance of tricks and special effects in the frame. Sean in the filming was already 49 years old, and at this age he had the opportunity to play "cool" guy in action.

Luke Goss

Goss at the late start of his career still managedplay a role in dozens of films on the big screen. He made his debut when he turned 32 in a low-budget picture. But after this work he will be invited to shoot more often and more often.

In the movie "Death Race 2" the actors receivedfrom the director an uneasy task - to fit the characteristic performance of roles into an abundance of fights and chases. An experienced Luke coped with this brilliantly. In the film, he was shot at the age of 43 years.

hatch goss

In the cinematography, Luke got through recognition as a musician and singer, and for a while he remained a famous performer in popular music.

Luc Goss was born in 1968 withhis twin brother. In London, boys will create a successful musical group as early as in their teens. They will compete with many of the famous musicians and even get recognition in the world. They survive the conflict and the disintegration of the group, but from 18 to 32 years Luke remained a famous singer and songwriter in popular music.


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