/ Popov Anatoly. Creativity of the artist

Popov Anatoly. Creativity of the artist

Anatoly Popov - teacher, artist, historian.In addition, he is also a poet, musician, traveler and finder for his work. The name of the Russian artist is known not only in his native country, but also abroad. His works can be seen in Norway, Poland, Bulgaria, the USA, Mongolia and Israel, Cuba and the United Arab Emirates.

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About the artist

Anatoly Vasilyevich Popov was born in the villagePodgornom in the Voronezh region June 29, 1950. After graduating from the Podgorenska school, he continued his studies at the cultural and educational school in Belgorod, which he graduated in 1968. Then he entered the Moscow University of Culture, in 1979 received a diploma as an artist-decorator. Anatoly Popov also graduated from the Academy of Public Administration.

After the service in the Navy came to work in the schoolteacher of drawing and drawing. Then he worked as an artist-designer. Not only paints and brushes are subject to him - Anatoly Vasilevich was the first deputy head of the district in the city of Rylsk and the deputy governor.

At one time he created the first public in Russiareception room of a new type, became its leader. A deputy of the regional Duma, a member of UNESCO, he was the director of the department of culture and the enterprise "Monument-Architecture".

Anatoly Popov artist

Acquaintance with the work of Popov

The labor path of this man is surprising.But, being a creative person, Anatoly Popov tells about everything in his paintings. There are no fictional, abstract forms. His paintings are native nature, cities and people. His works read simple lines and clean colors. In a word, the sincerity of the artist, investing in his paintings poetry, kindness, love for people and the world around him.

Anatoly Vasilievich - uncommonan artist-painter, a tireless traveler, he seeks for his works plots, themes, motifs. And, wherever he went, new landscapes are born, telling about this or that region. The feeling of beauty, laid in it from childhood, helps to see the world through different eyes. Anatoly Popov is the grandson of the painter-traveler AP Popov.

Popov Anatoly Vasilievich

Russian landscapes

In the works of Popov embodied life experience andknowledge of native nature - rural surroundings, fields, rivers, forests, churches, city streets. For all simplicity, the painter's landscapes warm the soul. Performed with masterly skill, they call to enjoy the contemplation of nature.

Miniatures of the artist are original picturesquepearls. Despite the small amount of work, they are also endowed with completeness and integrity. The miniature composition focuses on details - the morning sunrise, the moonlit night, the evening sunset, thunderclouds. They open the world of the artist's images, his feelings and mood.

Most of the work is occupied by paintings,connected with his small homeland - Podgorny village. Popov captures not only the beauty of his native places, but also shows the daily life of his fellow villagers, the history of his land.

But, wherever Popov Anatoly was, no matter whomet, all this is reflected in his paintings - Baikal, Angara, Siberia, Yakutia. His works clearly reflected such concepts as the Fatherland, Motherland, Power, Russia and people who glorified it. On its canvases are represented shrines of Russia, defenders of the Fatherland, Russian commanders.

Popov Anatoly Vasilyevich Artist Odintsovo

Historical Painting

Much in his works is symbolic.So, according to the artist, the picture "Cranes" is dedicated to birds. But in fact, it refers to the song of Bernes and reflects the fate of the Russian warrior. To the works devoted to the events of the war, one can refer the picture "Wuthering summer", which symbolizes the memorable, severe summer of the forty-first.

Among the works that tell about wartime -a picture of mothers who did not wait for their sons from the war; picture-dedication to veterans; A picture telling about the defeat of the fascist invaders near Moscow. In the collection of the artist more than ten paintings, reflecting the history of the war.

As a true patriot, he did not pass byhistorical fact. When Napoleon moved with his army to Russia, he came to the Neman. Suddenly, under the hoofs of his horse, a hare jumped, causing the horse to buckle and throw Bonaparte to the ground. So Anatoly Popov - an artist and a poet - creatively approached the rout of the French army, and portrayed the defeated Napoleon. In addition, this is the only picture in the world, which depicts the falling Bonaparte.

The history of Russia is told on canvases,Representing Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Kutuzov, Alexander Nevsky. The artist pays special attention to the spiritual life of his country. He proudly recalls the friendship with Father Hippolytus of St. Nicholas Monastery. To him he dedicated the picture "Elder". The monastery of Seraphim of Sarov depicts two paintings of the artist: "The Holy Spring" and "The confluence of the rivers Khoper and Sawala."

 Popov Anatoly Vasilievich Exhibition

"Fate connecting thread"

The artist presents his paintings oncollective exhibitions in Russia. He is the initiator of the project "Fate connecting thread", which is dedicated to the artists of the Wanderers. Among the paintings presented in the exhibition, landscapes and city sketches, paintings on military-historical themes.

But unlike, at first glance, canvasesunites one thing - love of Russia. Hence the name of the project "Connecting thread", since it combined past and present, explains Popov Anatoly Vasilievich. Exhibitions of paintings in this project were held in many cities of Russia.

The artist presents his works not only onpersonal exhibitions, but also holds creative meetings in schools and lyceums. Such meetings become a tradition in Odintsovo. Anatoly Vasilievich, a wonderful storyteller and guide, acquaints visitors with the history of creating his paintings. Young participants of the meetings, with bated breath, listen to a talented and experienced master.

"Such meetings are necessary for modern youthfor education in them a sense of patriotism, respect for the great history of their country and a grateful attitude to the memory of their ancestors and their native land, "Popov is sure. In Odintsovo solo exhibitions are held in the Museum of History and Local History.

After the opening of the exhibition, on Sundays,the artist holds open lessons in painting and drawing. He shares the basics of working with oil paints, teaches you to make the first brushstrokes on canvas Anatoly Vasilyevich Popov (artist). Odintsovo initiated such lessons. Most importantly, there is a place where the townspeople can spend interesting time. Everyone is invited to attend classes.

priest Anatoly

Gallery them. A. V. Popova

Within the framework of the new project "Art Gallery to everyonecity ​​of Russia "Anatoly Vasilyevich donated seven of his paintings to the Novokhopersky Museum of Local History. In his next visit, timed to the 70th anniversary of the Victory, Popov brought to the museum another twenty-three works.

At the presentation of the gallery, in 2016, it wastwenty-seven works of the artist are presented. A year later Popov Anatoly presented the museum with eighteen more paintings. Thus, the museum became the owner of a unique collection of works by a famous artist and fellow countryman. The city administration was invited to name the art gallery named after A. V. Popov.

Patriotism and love for the Motherland did not go unnoticed at the highest level. For the contribution to the cultural heritage of Russia, the artist Popov was awarded numerous diplomas, orders and medals.


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