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Andy Warhol: paintings. Portraits of Andy Warhol

In the sixties Andy Warhol was considered one of thethe most famous artists of America. But ordinary people were attracted not so much by his work, as by the style of life. Scandals, bold statements in the press. All this worked for the image of the King of Pop Art. It seemed that he was born and grew up in this environment, where the eternal atmosphere of the holiday reigned, and every day new stars flared up.

Children's and youthful years of the future celebrity

Only a few knew that another twenty yearsback Andy Warhol, whose paintings became insanely popular, was a completely different person. He was born in industrial Pittsburgh in 1938 in a simple family of emigrants from Slovakia. And he often wondered why life was so unfair to him. Someone is bathing in luxury, and he has to wear clothes for his older brothers. He is no worse than the rich children. Moreover, nature has awarded him with talent. He was very good at drawing.

Andy Warhol Paintings

In the year nineteen forty-seven, the futureartist Andy Warhol entered the Technical University at the Faculty of Design Art. On his training, parents gave all their savings. Andy was just happy. He finally got into a creative atmosphere.

Moreover, many fellow students and teachersadmired the talent that Andy Warhol possessed. His work was full of energy, they literally breathed life. And no one guessed that this capable guy had far-reaching plans. He wanted not just to draw, but to earn huge money on this.

The beginning of creative activity

Immediately after graduating from university in a thousandnine hundred and forty-nine Andy moved to New York. It was a city in which, as he believed, everyone could become a star. And the first thing he did was to buy a white elegant suit and start looking for work. All the orders received Andy Warhol performed in a talented and timely manner. And all his leaders were very pleased with him.

Unexpectedly, the modest young man discovered another unique quality. He was better than many artists caught market conjuncture. And intuitively felt how to submit an advertising image of talent and beauty.

a picture of merlin monroe endy warhol

His first professional work was to createillustrations to the article "Success". It was a work for the Glamor magazine. A year later he made a poster against drugs for a little-known youth radio station. The rating of the quiz about the problems of youth immediately increased, and the poster itself was recognized as the best advertisement of the year.

Full image change

Andy's fees plummeted up.But he wanted fame, public recognition and social life. Then Andy Warhol, whose paintings for today are rightly considered the best in the art of pop art, decides to completely change his image and style of work.

Now he did not miss a single fashionable party.Soon he becomes his own among the bohemian public. He was considered an amusing guy, who gives great hopes to the artist. But Warhol did not like it. There were many like him, and he wanted to be the only one.

Andy Warhol pictures

The emergence of a new trend in art

At this time in America began to emerge pop art.A direction where anything could become an object for painting. Newspaper clippings, flashy commercials or cartoon characters. Andy never was afraid of experiments. And he began to work in this direction.

In one thousand nine hundred and fifty-second in New Yorkhis first solo exhibition was held. But she was not successful. Andy did not despair. He continued to look for new images and techniques, tried new combinations of colors and continued to attend numerous parties.

In the year one thousand nine hundred and sixtyLos Angeles opened another exhibition of works that created Andy Warhol. The paintings on it puzzled many spectators who came. Expositions resembled supermarket shelves. On the walls hung drawings with images of Coca-Cola, dollars, cans of soups. And repeated many times.

But the shock instantly gave way to ecstasy.It was exactly what everyone expected. Glossy labels of goods, beauty in American style. Ironically, before Andy Warhol, it never occurred to anyone to imagine what millions of Americans worshiped: the world of money and things.

The birth of a new king

So just a few hours from few peoplefamous advertising artist, even though he earned about one hundred and fifty thousand a year, Andy Warhol, whose paintings made a real sensation, turned into the king of pop art.

endy warhol work

Right at the exhibition he was asked that heintends now to draw. And Andy did not hesitate, replied that maybe even an electric chair. But he drew Merlin Monroe. He chose acid colors for printing.

Famous paintings by Andy Warhol. Photo of images

The image of the actress turned out strange.Lemon hair, a pale face and brightly colored lips. Nobody ever drew the main sex symbol of Hollywood that way. After all, everyone used to think of her as a beautiful empty doll. But in fact she was a deeply unhappy woman. The artist again subtly captured the mood of millions.

After death, Monroe became an idol.And all the objects depicting the image, have become insanely popular, including this work - the picture of Merlin Monroe. Andy Warhol inspired this idea, and, having decided that he was moving in the right direction, he created a series of portraits of idols of the sixties: the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley, actress Elizabeth Taylor, boxer Mohammed Ali and many other stars. People have become images.

Thousands of new portraits

He never forced his models to pose.Why spend long hours in the workshop, if there is a "Polaroid"? Andy completely threw oil paints. What is the point, when there is a silkscreen. The face, performed with the help of this technique, turned out to be ideal. No wrinkles, no pimples, no double chin. Just as people like it.

portraits of Andy Warhol

By using this technique it was possible to donot one portrait, but hundreds and even thousands. Portraits of Andy Warhol began to enjoy incredible popularity. And he did not hide that there was a new goal in front of him. He wanted to put modern art on the conveyor. And in 1936 opened his factory.

Creating your own factory

This room, painted in silver,was at the same time a club, apartments and a workshop. Here came artists, musicians, directors and simply bright personalities. Someone danced, sang, others just discussed the latest news, and Andy at this time worked. True, the lion's share of the work was performed by assistants. Cut stencils, poured paint in them. Warhol only guided the process.

artist andy warhol

He did not call anyone to his factory. They came there themselves and were happy, if there could be anything useful to Andy Warhol. Surrounding himself with strange people, he drew his inspiration in this atmosphere.

Once this tireless seeker of new ideascomes up with the idea to shoot on the camera of his sleeping friend. After viewing the received material, Andy decides to make a movie. Since that day, shooting at the factory has been going on all the time.

Creative calm

And the seventies became a calm for Warhol.He did portraits for wealthy customers and portrayed new idols: Lisa Minelli, Diane Ross, John Lennon and other stars. He continued to be the highest paid artist. He was called a man-legend.

Personal exhibitions Andy Warhol took place in Italy, France, Holland. And in 1939 he visited Moscow, where a collection of contemporary art exhibitions was opened.


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