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Andrey Gubin: biography and creativity

The biography of Andrei Gubin is quite interesting.He was born in Ufa, born on April 30, 1974. Under the passport the real name is Andrey Klementev. Surname Gubin Andrew took in 16 years, this is the name of his stepfather. At the age of 8, little Andrey and his family moved to Moscow.

The beginning of the creative path

Andrey Gubin biography
In his childhood, he studied chess and drawing,and football. He was even admitted to the junior national football team of Moscow. But when Andrew broke his leg, his football career ended. With journalism, friendly relations also did not work out. Andrei Gubin interviewed Makarevich, then put it on paper. The result did not impress the young man, and he decided to quit journalism forever. But his songs became hits. By the way, the hit "Boy-tramp" was written in the 7th grade by a schoolboy Andrei Gubin.

The first album was released when Gubin was 15 years old.Of course, his circulation was very small, only 200 copies. The album "I'm a bum" was called. It was an unprofessional disc with teen's songs under the guitar. Then came 2 more non-professional albums: "Ave Maria" and "Prince and Princess".

Andrei Gubin entered the Gnessin School onvocal department, but was expelled already from the first year because of frequent absenteeism. Andrei never received his musical education. On television screens, he first appeared in the program "Up to 16 and older." The next time he sang the song in the telecast "The View". Great importance in the career of Andrew, as a singer, was played by Leonid Agutin. There was a competition "Slavitich-94", where Andrey Gubin took part.

His biography continues with the participation of Agutin.He drew attention to a young, talented guy and helped him release his first professional album. He was called the same as the first song - "The Boy of a Vagabond." The album was a crazy success, sold out in a huge edition. As they say, Gubin woke up famous. None of the following albums has succeeded in repeating such a grandiose success. In 1998, at his age of 24, Gubin released another studio album - "Only You".

Andrey Gubin is now

Successful tours around the country started, andits borders, in Byelorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Two years later, in 2000, the next album was released: "It was, but it's gone." In 2001 - the "Best". But Gubin stopped touring. 2002 was the last year in which he released his album "Always with You". Then there were different works as an arranger, songwriter and even a producer. The last song, which the author himself sang, was "Tenderness" (in 2009). Since then, Gubin does not appear and does not record any new songs. The reason for this is a rare serious illness, the name of which is left-sided prozopalgia. With this illness, the singer experiences severe pain in the facial muscles.

With whom of the celebrities did Andrei Gubin work?

His biography would be incomplete without important people inhis life. He wrote a song for Jeanne Friske "La la la", which brought her fame as a solo artist. He also wrote lyrics for Olga Orlova, Mike Mironenko, Julia Beretta, and together with the group "Paint", Alexandra Balakireva.

singer Andrei Gubin

What does Andrei Gubin do now?

The darling of the audience of the 90's, his songs sounded fromeach kiosk. In recent years, he was completely forgotten. Andrei Gubin - his biography is very bright. Where is he now and what is he doing? He lives in Moscow, then he leaves for a long time to travel to other countries, to Germany, Canada, Thailand, Egypt and even Tibet. Now Gubin is far from show business, although he does not stop writing. Singer Andrei Gubin told why he is not in public. He explained that he looks bad now, that's why he does not appear. If he comes to the form, he will definitely sing, until he is ready. He constantly writes poetry and music, but for himself, for training. Today, the arrival of the 1990's lives a reclusive life, does not speak, does not give an interview. But recently the yellow press spoke of him again. The fact is that there are new photos of the star, on which he looks much older than his years. In a man with numerous wrinkles and long hair it's hard to recognize a fervent boy. It's all about a serious illness, because of which the singer is hard to talk, not what to sing. But Gubin (his photo is rarely seen today) is actively involved in sports, does not abuse alcohol, lives in harmony with himself.

Andrey Gubin biography personal life

Andrey Gubin's family

The mother of the singer Svetlana was a housewife, she was engaged inthe upbringing of children - Andrew and his younger sister Nastya. It was a very beautiful woman, the singer inherited the facial features from her. Relations with his mother were always very warm and friendly. For him, the mother was the ideal woman. To it he liked to come and fall into a quiet home comfort and complete reliability. Mom's death in 2012, Andrei experienced very hard.

The father of the singer is Victor.In fact, this is his stepfather, but Andrew always treated him as his own father. For the stage, the guy chose his name - Gubin. Victor worked as a research fellow, making money as a drawing. Their relationship was complicated. From 9 to 25 years they were in a state of undeclared war. As Gubin confessed, his father kept making something from him - a chess player, a tennis player, an artist, or a journalist. Although, of course, do not recognize his role in the fate of the artist can not. After all, it was his father who bought him the first guitar, nominated for various competitions and recorded the first albums, becoming his producer. Only in 1998, when the father went bankrupt after the crisis, relations with Andrei were normalized. Then Viktor Viktorovich saw in the son not only of a boy accustomed to a beautiful life, but also of a man, a real man, who will be with his family at a difficult time.

Andrei's sister is Nastya.She studied at the music school for 4 years, but then she finally became convinced that it was not hers, and left. I decided to study at VGIK in the economic department, to be in show business, but on the other hand, behind the scenes. Nastya explains this by saying that she is too humble. With a brother on good terms, often seen, but everyone has a life, like all independent people.

singer Andrei Gubin

Personal life

The lull is now not only in the career of the singer, but also inpersonal life. He is 41 years old, but he was never married and there are no children either. In the 1990s, the fans simply did not give a pass to a handsome talented young man. Women's attention, he was never deprived, but his personal life did not turn out, and now Andrei Gubin is alone. Biography, his personal life was not always smooth. He admitted that he always wanted a family, to stay in bachelors there was no thought. Wife, he saw a girl who could become a mother for his children. And there were three such girls. But the relationship with them has not evolved. For a time, Gubin had a love affair with Julia Beretta, for which he also became a producer. After parting with her, their relations remained friendly.

Andrey Gubin photo

Interesting Facts

  • Millions of fans went crazy for a nice guy, but Gubin himself never liked his appearance. "I always wanted to look more courageous," the singer said in an interview.
  • Gubin was going to sue Igor Nikolayev for offensive words in the song "Only Gubin is taller".
  • His songs are largely prophetic. I wrote a song "Lisa, do not fly away" - and six months later his girlfriend flew away. "Boy-tramp" in general, as if about Gubin himself.

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