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How to draw furry in stages

Subculture furry appeared under the influenceDisney's animation. The basis of furry fandom is the person's sympathy for the sweet fluffy heroes of comics, cartoons and films. See the characters dressed in the suit of an anthropomorphic creature, you can at various events - children's morning performances, rallies on the protection of wild animals, sports performances. A feature of the subculture is the identification of its representative with an anthropomorphic being. Reincarnation of a person into a fictional character can occur with the help of costume and behavior. More often human qualities are given to large predators - wolves, foxes, representatives of felines and rodents. Fans of furry art prefer the image of furry on paper. Not all novice artists have the proper level of skill. Let's consider in detail the step-by-step scheme how to draw a furry, so that the image of your favorite hero turns out to be the most realistic.

Proportions and location

Of course, the proportions of a fictional characterdiffer from human. It is important to remember: in spite of the fact that this anthropomorphic being, its head will be larger. Before drawing furries, you should determine the location of the shape on the sheet of paper. In order not to be distracted in the process of creativity, it is necessary to prepare art supplies in advance.

how to draw furry


The Instruction, which describes in detail howto draw furry in stages, can apply for mastering the skill of any novice artist. At the beginning of the creative process, it is better to choose a solid pencil for drawing. Auxiliary lines, which he leaves, are better to be removed and do not leave dirty tracks.

how to draw furry in stages

  1. The initial step is the definition of the contours of the figure on a piece of paper. Before drawing furry, you need to arrange the main lines so that you can see the pose in which the fairy-tale creature is located.
  2. After the main contours are defined, we add a sketch of the head in the form of a circle, taking into account its slope.
  3. The next stage will be the detailing of the muzzle - we'll make sketches of the eyes, large ears. Try to convey the emotions of furry with facial expressions.
  4. After that, let's move on to drawing the breast, limbs, abdomen, fluffy tail.
  5. Then we detail the paws, adding fingers and claws.
  6. In small strokes, draw a wool around the whole contour of the body.

how to draw furry pencil step by step

Termination of the process

This diagram describes how to draw a furrypencil in stages. Coloring your favorite characters can be completely different. Use acrylic paint, watercolor, gouache or markers - the picture will turn out bright and saturated.

Before beginning furry art fans, oftenthe question arises as to how to draw furry? Stops their lack of skills. There are techniques that will help to realize the desire to recreate the image with the help of drawing. Do not worry if the first experience is unsuccessful. It is worth the effort and an impressive effect will amaze adherents and fans of the subculture.


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